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DISCUSS THE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES RAISED BY THE DISTURBANCE OF THE NATURAL BALANCE IN THE LEVEL OF ATMOSPHERIC CARBON DIOXIDE. In this essay I will be discussing what the Natural Balance is and what affect this is having on the Carbon Cycle. The balance between Photosynthesis and Respiration. The three main problem affecting the level of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide; Deforestation, World Population and Burning Fossil Fuels. The Natural Balance is the Balance between photosynthesis and Respiration. Photosynthesis is when plants use the energy from the sun to produce food for all animals and then turn it into glucose. Animal's use this energy in respiration to live and grow without it all animals would die. The glucose is used to make sugars from the gas called Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Respiration is the process in which energy is released from plants. In respiration Glucose and Oxygen molecules are broken down to give Carbon Dioxide and water. ...read more.


Cutting down these forests means the natural balance is disturbed because reducing the amount of plants means there is too much oxygen the atmosphere for the remaining plants to respire. The second thing affecting the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is world population. Day by day world population is increasing. More people means a lot of damage is done to the environment. As the poorer countries become more and more industrialized the demand for limited resources on the earth is increasing leading to problems like deforestation, as they need to make room for the increase in population. The effect this is having the Carbon Cycle is that the process of Carbon being released into the earth that occurs naturally through weathering and erosion is being released too quickly mainly because of humans burning fossil fuels. Therefore because of this increase the Natural Balance is disturbed which may also lead to Global Warming. The last thing affecting the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is the burning of Fossil Fuels. ...read more.


The greenhouse effect is causing the earth to warm up very quickly. Global Warming occurs more when we increase the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, which cause the greenhouse effect, which in turn causes the earth to become warmer. It is believed that all the Global Warming is caused by Carbon Dioxide. Global Warming is a problem because a warmer atmosphere will lead to increased evaporation from surface water resulting in high amount of precipitation. The equatorial regions will become wetter then present and the inner continents will become warmer and drier. In conclusion I think the level of Carbon Dioxide was balanced in the atmosphere between the Carbon Dioxide being absorbed by Photosynthesis and Carbon Dioxide being released by respiration. However because of humans burning massive amount of fossil fuels: the deforestation to make more space for the increase in population. The level of Carbon Dioxide has gone up and will continue to keep going up if we keep burning fossil fuels and cutting down the forests and increasing the population. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aamnah Sarwar Year 11 English Coursework-writing to inform,explain,describe. 1 ...read more.

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