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Do certain physical factors influence the location of orchards in Co. Armagh?

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Do certain physical factors influence the location of orchards in Co. Armagh? Plan "Do certain physical factors influence the location of orchards in Co. Armagh?" This is the question we must ask ourselves and also to which we must find the answer. We will be travelling around Armagh to collect information to help answer the question. The infromation we will collect will either be primary or secondary data. Primary data will include: Aspect; This is the measurement of which direction a certain slope is facing. Slope; This is how steep the slope is. We will measure this by using a clinometer. We will place our clipboard on the slope and put the clinometer on it facing either up or down the slope and then release the trigger and take the reading in degress. Shelter; We will just look around on site and see how well or badly sheltered the orchard is on certain sides. Soil pH; Although the soil will be collected from the field, the actual pH will be tested in school. On the other hand Secondary information is information that will be collected from sources other than our own such as maps and the internet. Secondary information includes: Altitude; which will be collected from the Discoverer series sheet 19 sacle 1:50, 000 Rainfall; This will be an average amount of rainfall for an area taken over the past year.. ...read more.


Altitude; The Altitude of most of the sites was around 30 metres above sea level which shows us that good growth for apples occurs around this height. This is also why the apple farmers choose to place their orchards at this height. Although this factor, altitude, cannot really be changed because it is not possible to move a huge amount of land just for and orchard, most farmers would tend to buy a site for farming apples at a fairly high altitude. This is because of the frost that gathers on the ground at low altitudes and therefore as we seen a high altitude is best because the frost would destroy most of the crop. Slope; All the sites we visited had an altitude of 10 degres or under and so and this tells us that a good slope for orchards is around 10 degres because at this angle we seen that the apple production was good. However on some of the sites there was often no or very little slope and the growth at these site was not as well as the sites with a higher steeper slope. This is because the steeper the slope is then the more sunlight will be evenly distributed over all the trees in general and of course each individual tree will also get more light. Shelter; On site we evaluated the shelter amount simply by looking around and spotting were there farmers had placed their shelter in accordance to wind direction. ...read more.


There slope is also needed for drainage so that the orchard floor does not become saturated with water and give an overdose to the trees. Shelter; The shelter of course is very important to maintain a healthy orchard status because it blocks the cold northern breeze. Most of the orchards we visited had shelter on north-easternly side and on most sides but the shelter is more needed in the north east because of the wind whereas it is not as needed in the south, this is why it was not particularry relevant becase of the warm wind that comes from here. But in the winter time winds that bring frost come from the atlantic ocean so some shelter would be need in this area. Rainfall; This factor can not really be put into a "why did I get this result" catagory, because unlike shelter and altitude man can not decide what rainfall he would like. The reason however would be more along the lines of because we got 800-900mm for the readings then a good rainfall measurement must be around this mark otherwise not too many orchards would be situated in County Armagh. Soil pH; The reason for this again is not what a farmer did do his land to enhance apple growth but simply again a natural factor which can not be changed by a farmer. However for most of our results the readings did not reach a score on the score sheet and even if they did it was a fairly poor result. ...read more.

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