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Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of genetic engineering? Discuss this statement with specific reference to Gattaca

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Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of genetic engineering? Discuss this statement with specific reference to Gattaca Genetic engineering is the alteration of genetic code by artificial means, and is therefore different from traditional selective breeding. Genetic engineering have many advantages to life although the disadvantages can have disastrous effects on human life as it is, sometimes genetic engineering can cause concern because of the ruthless application of genetic discrimination that would have a major social impact on occupations, qualifying for health insurance, and family/personal relations, as reflected in the film. If the technology was available, there will be those interested and privileged enough to pay whatever cost to attain the best opportunities out of life for them and/or their family. Their intention it seems is to set the trend towards widening the bridge between the genetically perfect and the 'imperfect', therefore giving them the advantage over the latter - a step up in life. The issue of private health insurance obviously strikes a stronger chord with US audiences who are more heavily dependent on private insurance than a 'national health service', but the same will clearly increasingly apply here in the UK. Many people believe that genetic engineering will help humans in their struggle for life and that is why most of the advantages outweigh the disadvantages hugely as it will benefit humans and save lives but ...read more.


It will alter in advance the future of individuals increasing not only the quantity but also the quality of their lives. This in itself is very controversial so genetic technology is promoted primarily for its ability to diagnose and treat diseases in existing individuals. Promoters feel this is the next step for the future. Most genetic technologists say that they do not limit freedom, but increase it. It will allow people to make decisions about their health or reproductive choices. In Gattaca this is fully depicted how only the genetically perfect are valid and work in the corporation as perfect beings without the risks of an ordinary person. As shown advantages seem to prove very high rather than the disadvantages and will eventually benefit humans in a huge way despite the restrictions and unknown factors that could be caused by genetic engineering, this is why some ethics believe that genetic engineering especially in animals will be stopped and disagreed by many people as they find it wrong because animals have the same feelings as humans, in the future this will be disagreed by many animal associations. On the other hand, if a future like Gattaca's were brought upon our world we would see parents who desire the perfect designer baby purely for selfish reasons. ...read more.


This project will obtain the information in the most efficient and least expensive way of engineering and advance technology further than ever before. Genetic information will enable people to see their future and even have the option of doing things to improve the quality of their lives, but at what costs? There have been technologies throughout history that have all had potential and real risks related to them. Proper assessments of these risks versus the benefits of the technology have often proven to be in favour of the benefits. Many critics of genetic engineering are not taking into consideration the possibilities, while some genetic engineers do not see the possible risks. There are always going to be negatives to every new technology, it just depends on how it is used and regulated as to if the positives can outweigh the negatives. Will the outcome of genetic engineering be determined by its risks or benefits? The answer to this question is one that only time will tell. Alternatively, scientists have broke through by genetically growing a human ear into a mouse's back. There are certainly ethical and moral views on concerning this issue. People believe that discriminating animals and hurting them is morally wrong and should not happen, they believe that animals have feelings and thoughts also that scientists do not understand this and will continue to carry research on animals no matter what the consequences are. Halina Patel ...read more.

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