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Do things have to be scientifically proven to be true?

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Do things have to be scientifically proven to be true?

Usually things do have to be scientifically proven to become true. For instance in a law suit in which the court is trying to determine if a certain man is a father of a baby, just as an example, a scientific process must take place in which the DNA of the father and the baby are tested for similarities. Then the truth will appear once the results from a genetic laboratory arrive. Another example is if they want to find the murderer of a crime and there was blood of the murderer at the crime scene they could

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However, there is the argument that people thought that their theories were the truth however now as more advancements in science are being made we realize that these theories are incorrect. For instance, in the late 1800’s Joseph John Thomson perceived that an atom is a charged sphere with electrons inside, and according to his theory he came up with the "plum cake" model. At that time, his model was good enough to explain many physical and chemical phenomena such as electrolysis and electron emission, and for that reason, it was accepted in the society. However, Ernest Rutherford

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Theory of Knowledge, “This is the essence of scientific truth: it can never be proved experimentally that it is correct, but it can be proved that it is wrong.”

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