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Do you think designer babies would be improving on nature? Discuss. In an extended discussion give your views on this matter considering both side of the argument and state clearly your own opinion.

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Do you think designer babies would be improving on nature? Discuss. In an extended discussion give your views on this matter considering both side of the argument and state clearly your own opinion. Should we be designing babies? Designer babies are people who are genetically modified before birth, (as an embryo) to change their sex, looks or possibly even personality! Since the DNA code was cracked a couple of years ago, it has been made possible to change a human embryo by injecting genes into it. These injected genes can change the sex, looks and personality of that particular child when he / she is born. For example, you can currently choose the sex of your child in the USA although it costs a hefty $ 2500. Are these designer babies improving on nature? Improving on nature is a step forward for the human race; in a word, evolution. Are we, by designing and genetically modifying babies, evolving as a race? Surely we cannot tell. I mean, did we know when we invented fire that we were evolving, did we know that when we invented computers that we were evolving? No. However, we did it all the same. The point I am trying to make is that we cannot know what evolution is or improving without first giving it a go. ...read more.


This new technology also allows us to eradicate genetic diseases by not allowing them to pass down through future generations. It will give parents the chance to have children who are in good health (i.e. not being born with cystic fibrosis) by choosing an embryo that does not have a particular disorder (Scientists claim to have found the gene for good-parenting, Alzheimer's and red hair!). Creating these designer babies is simply accelerating our evolution as a race allowing us to create a potentially disease free world for generations to come. However many would argue that designer babies would not be improving on nature. Their basic argument would probably be; why take a perfectly natural healthy baby and turn it into an unnatural experimental specimen? If we start to alter and experiment with human beings, we are destroying the individuality in each one of us that makes us unique. We cannot allow a few white-coat scientists to take away the free will and `humanness` from our children and produce a race of unnatural beings. This is the sort of stuff horror movies are made from! Babies are the most natural and innocent form of life given to us by God. Some may feel that we are beginning to let the doctors in our society play God so much so that they will try to create an elite race by messing ...read more.


However, the dilemma is, how do we guard against the knowledge being corrupted whilst at the same time encouraging scientists and doctors to find newer and better ways to benefit the lives of future generations. It is my fear that people with ulterior motives, such as the Nazis who wanted the perfect blue eyed blond haired Arian child will go to extreme lengths to abuse that knowledge. How can you even begin to protect against this abuse of an otherwise great opportunity to help humanity? A parent who wants a child of a certain sex just to "balance" their family may find a way round even the most strict guidelines laid down to protect human research and find an unscrupulous doctor to carry out their wishes. Carried to the extreme people with access to money may feel justified in "purchasing" a made to order beautiful baby. Once guidelines have been drawn up it would also be important to have unilateral agreement between the worldwide governments as it would be pointless to make designer babies, for the purpose of parental satisfaction illegal in Europe only to have people travel to the USA and carry out the procedure there. Therefore, my final verdict is that designer babies have the potential to improve on nature although research and experimentation must be carried out with increased international restraint until we have more definite guidelines to protect us. By Niall Boyle ...read more.

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