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Does an elastic band behave in the same way as a steel spring?

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Does an elastic band behave in the same way as a steel spring?


Clamp stand, rubber elastic band, 0.5N weights, 1 metre stick, clamp and pointer.


We set the apparatus as shown above. First of all we took the measurement on the metre rule in cm, of the elastic band at the pointer without any weights attached. Then we steadily increased the force by adding a 0.5N weight each time to the elastic band. We did this until we reached 3N, and then steadily decreased the force by carefully taking of a 0.5N weight each time, until we had no weights attached to the elastic band. Next we again took the measurement on the

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Units on metre rule to record results (cm)

Person taking measurement

Amount of load added each time

Person adding and removing weights



Lastly, we worked out an average length in cm by adding the 3 results and dividing by 3. We then took 1 average from an other to work out the extension. As seen in the results table over the page.


My graph shows the relationship between the weight on an elastic band and its extension. The graph is not a straight line showing that’s its extension is not proportional to its load, disobeying Hooke’s law. My graph shows that the elastic band has been stretched because the unloading of weights has

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Also, smaller weights would of given me a more accurate graph and results, from having smaller weights I would have a clearer idea of how differently a elastic band behaves to a steel spring. If I were to repeat my experiment again I would add only a 0.1N weight each time.

Lastly, I only went up to a maximum of 3N then back down, but with more time available I would of gone up to 6N to test the elastic bands elasticity, strength and to obtain more accurate results to find out exactly how a elastic band behaves.


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