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Electromagnet Interference.

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Report: Electromagnet Interference In this report I will look into the basis of electromagnet interferences! What is it may you think? Well never the matter because further on in this report, there would be more in-depth explanation on this topic! There will be annotated pictures which illustrate what is happening in some parts of this report so you the reader can understand it much better! What is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)? First of all what is electromagnet might you ask? Well to put it in simple terms it is basically a live current going through an electrical wire that produces what we call a magnetic field! The term "electromagnetic" comes from the relationship between electricity and magnetism. The two forces always accompany each another. Where you have magnetism you have electricity and vice versa. Either cannot work nor exist without the other! Another occasion is when you are next to your television set and you mobile phone goes off! You should notice a noise that interferes with the sound which is what we call electromagnet interference. What Causes EMI? There are three types of causes EMI. They are inherent, natural and man made! I will now talk through how each one of these work! ...read more.


This means that space with magnetic fields can be turned into corridors, storerooms, or lounge areas so there is a minimum chance EMI can take place! Obviously doing this sort of planning takes a lot of time and expertise; you can't just move things around and think you have done it all! In some cases, individual devices can emit fields and can interfere with other equipment so asking students/colleagues to take care when using such devices. FMS Jitter Box Another way in stopping EMI is by using the device which is called FMS Jitter Box. This box goes around the monitor of a PC and protects the monitor by attracting and absorbing the external ELF magnetic fields! The interference is prevented and the image remains stable like normal. I will give another scenario so that it is easier for you to understand! There are common (elevated magnetic fields include printers, monitors, scanners, copiers and power lines) and hidden sources (magnetic fields include electrical cables, power transformers or electric doors) can cause the computer screen monitor to jump and pictures colours going in waves and jitter! As you can see from the diagram on the left, the magnetic emissions are going through the monitor which would cause the problems I've mentioned previously! ...read more.


Infra red systems can be safely used at the same time with the most sensitive electronic equipment without any adverse effect! Advantages of using Infrared I have shortened out some advantages for using infrared as a way of communicating: * No potential health risks. * Short range predictable area of coverage, allows total security and the segregation of systems by distance. * It is unaffected by other electromagnet radiation in the spectrum up to and including several GHz. * Has little or no electromagnetic radiation below several GHz. * Requires no licence requirements. * Very clear communications. Disadvantages of using Infra-Red * Not being able to cover far distances as radio waves does * The signals cannot pass through walls or ceilings Conclusion After reading this report, you may have come to the conclusion that EMI affects us in everyday life whether you're at an airport, petrol station forecourt or even at home! Some may even not know it is happening but we know it is happening all day and everyday somewhere on Earth. As technology advances, we may have more EMI to deal with, but what goes with bad has to come good! Maybe a new theory or invention could come out within the distance future which could put an end to EMI? Name: Lan Cun Nim Student Number: 031155108 Systems & Signals (EE1FSS) ...read more.

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