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Electromagnetic Waves

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Physics Project


Wavelength (m)

Frequency (Hz)

Energy (J)


>1 x 10-1

<3 x 109

<2 x 10-24


1 x 10-3 - 1 x 10-1

3 x 109 - 3 x 1011

2 x 10-24- 2 x 10-22


7 x 10-7 - 1 x 10-3

3 x 1011 - 4 x 1014

2 x 10-22 - 3 x 10-19


4 x 10-7 - 7 x 10-7

4 x 1014

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 - 3 x 1016

5 x 10-19 - 2 x 10-17


1 x 10-11 - 1 x 10-8

3 x 1016 - 3 x 1019

2 x 10-17 - 2 x 10-14


<1 x 10-11

>3 x 1019

>2 x 10-14

Concerns of Society

The main concerns of the electromagnetic spectrum that are common knowledge are concerning microwaves from mobile phone masts. Many people claim that they do damage to people near the masts, however the modern world may not be able to function without the communication link provided by mobile phones.

Radio Waves

Properties: - Highest wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, generated by all electrical goods, generated when an electron changes its spin on a molecule.

Uses: - Transferring information without wires, radar, navigation, interstellar probes (radio waves that exert small magnetic forces like a ‘tractor beam’ have been proposed as a form of propulsion.)

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Protection: - Sunglasses and sun cream.


Properties: - Can pass through some solid objects but not others, causes cell mutations, in some very rare circumstances can be visible.

Uses: - Medical uses (X rays), at airports to check luggage, examining objects encrusted in something (artefacts).

Dangers: - Cancer, skin burns, reduction of the blood supply and destruction of living tissue.

Protection:- Lead plates.

Gamma rays

Properties: - Created by collisions of particles, many normal objects that are slightly radioactive give off gamma rays including rocks.

Uses: - Medical uses (killing tissue), detecting damage to metallic castings, used in nuclear bombs.

Dangers: - Cancer and other serious mutation problems. Contrary to popular belief: WARNING: No amount of gamma radiation will give you super powers.

Protection: - ¼ inch of lead.




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Here's what a star student thought of this essay

3 star(s)

Response to the question

The candidate clearly lists properties of each type of wave in the electromagnetic spectrum and the information they have provided is accurate. However I feel the quality of this work would be greatly improved with a clear introduction that describes ...

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Response to the question

The candidate clearly lists properties of each type of wave in the electromagnetic spectrum and the information they have provided is accurate. However I feel the quality of this work would be greatly improved with a clear introduction that describes electromagnetic waves and states their general properties for example; the fact they are transverse waves and that they all travel at the speed of light. This helps with the flow of the essay and gives you a chance to engage the reader.

Level of analysis

The candidate has clearly laid out the information for each type of wave into specific sub-headings, this is a good idea for this type of essay and clearly shows your key points. Though I do feel that the candidate could have provided more information for each of the E.M waves, for example, how they formed and how they are detected. The candidate also fails to make connections with other topics such as polarisation and medical imaging. This would have shown a boarding understanding of physics and can show a candidates interest and enthusiasm for the subject, which is always a positive thing.

Quality of writing

The information provided is set out in a clear and coherent manner and there are few if any spelling or grammatical errors. However as the information is mostly provided in a bullet point format it is difficult to tell whether or not the candidate fully understands all the information provided, especially as very few technical terms have been used. I understand that writing physics in prose can be difficult and is not a required skill for this level of qualification but I would still advise you to write in full sentences whenever possible. That said there are no spelling or grammatical issues.

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Reviewed by pictureperfect 28/06/2012

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