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Energy Presentation Notes

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Energy Presentation Notes Name: ____ The big picture: 1. Energy is defined as: ____ability to do work_____________ 2. Most energy resources on Earth originally derived their energy from the ___sun__. For each of the following identify their connection to the sun's energy. a. Fossil fuels __photosynthesis fueled plant growth which then decayed______ b. Wind ___sun heats the atmosphere causing convection currents____________ c. Hydroelectric/tidal _____________________________________________ 3. Ideal fuel sources are high in Potential energy. Potential energy is _stored_ energy. Identified where the potential energy is stored in each of the following fuel sources. a. Fossil fuels (oil/coal/methane) ___chemical bonds of molecules_______ b. Nuclear _____binding energy in nucleus & mass --> energy conversion_______ c. Hydroelectric _____height differential and gravity_____________ 4. Kinetic energy is energy of __movement__ and can be used to do work. 5. To compare fuel sources it is important to evaluate costs, availability, efficiency and environmental impacts. Fossil Fuels: 1. The three major fossil fuels used in energy production are: _coal, petroleum & methane_ 2. Which one is formed primarily from aerobic decomposition of plants underground fossilized over millions of years? _coal_ 3. Which one is formed primarily from anaerobic decomposition of marine plants and animals under pressure over millions of years? ...read more.


12. Half-life is defined as: _amount of time it takes for half of the nuclei to decay_ 13. The main disadvantage to nuclear energy is the production of nuclear waste in the form of spent fuel and primary coolant. Give examples of how these materials are stored. Buried in salt mines, encased in ceramic materials, stored in pools of water. 14. What are the major advantages of nuclear energy? After large initial startup costs, fairly inexpensive to run. Large amount of energy for small amount of fuel. Relatively safe if safety and maintenance procedures are followed. 15. What are the major disadvantages of nuclear energy? Disposal of radioactive waste, safety and possible terrorism. 16. Nuclear fusion also produces extremely large amounts of energy. Fusion involves combining two __light__ nuclei to make a larger nuclei. Balance this fusion reaction; _2_ 2H --> _1_3He + _1_1n + Energy 17. Nuclear fusion is not currently feasible. What is the major technological problem that must be overcome? Containment, heat will melt most materials and magnetic containment requires a large amount of energy (currently more than they get out). 18. What are the advantages to nuclear fusion? No radioactive waste and unlimited supply of fuel. ...read more.


Unlimited supply and efficient Disadvantages Variability of source, wind generators are expensive, and noise. Still contribute to global warming when burned. Expensive, can produce hydrogen sufides and geographically limited. Limitations geographically dependent for efficiency. Crops take up large amount of space that it normally used for food production. Must have easily accessible geothermal vents., can trigger small earthquakes. 2. Even though alternative fuels play a small roll in overall energy production, why is it important to continue to promote their research and production? Anything that would reduce of power from the main power grid, and therefore our dependence on fossil fuels, will reduce pollutants and greenhouse gases. It would also allow countries to be more energy independent. Conclusions: 1. Which energy sources are least polluting and environmentally friendly? Solar, wind and hydroelectric. 2. Which energy sources produce electricity most efficiently? Nuclear and hydroelectric 3. Which energy sources produce electricity most cheaply? Fossil fuels 4. Why is it so difficult to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels? They are already in wide spread use so the technology is relatively inexpensive. There are large deposits around the world. Loss of jobs and political pressure. 5. What is being done to offset the environmental issues with respect to fossil fuels? Industries are required to implement pollution reduction methods and alternative fuel sources and technologies are being explored. 6. What more can/should we be doing? ...read more.

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