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Environmental Problems

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Yutaka Yamamoto Per 4 9/4/07 Environment Philosophy Paper Our world is changing. The average citizen would say that is changing for the better. In the last century, our medical and technological advancements have soared. Although the early sixty's dream of having a meal pill is the yet to be reality, our race now have the capability to terminate diseases, and communicate to people halfway around the world in just seconds. Our attitude towards the world in these recent years has also changed. The politicians would like you to believe that it is changing for the better. However, as the truth shows, it is not. Just as there are gaps in the technological fields and the medical fields, gaps are also found in the environmental field as well. However, this one continues to grow. When earth is viewed from space, one can clearly see how delicate and beautiful our planet is. The dark blue ocean gracefully blends with the rich green forests. Our planet is unique in the way that every plant, animal and organism cooperates to create a delicate, but rich balance of power. I like to compare this delicate balance to a house made from a deck of cards. If just one card falls, the entire structure crumbles. ...read more.


Because it is a half hour drive from Salt Lake, publicity is limited. But in this mine, every year, 1.8 billion dollars worth of metals and minerals including gold, silver, copper and coal, are mined. This mine, and like most others, must have a highly efficient method to be able to produce profit. Open pit mining methods are simple but brutal. First, the topsoil and surface of the ground is completely removed. Then, a surveyor samples the ground to reveal locations of metals. Finally, drills are emplaced to cut away chunks of land exposing the metals, which are turned into profits. Although this method sounds simple, the environmental effects of it are devastating. By removing huge chunks of land, and replacing them with craters, mining companies are destroying what used to be the habitat of many different organisms. By destroying them, the mine endangers the animals, forcing the creatures in the area to relocate. A link in the ecosystem chain is chopped out, and the entire biodiversity of the area suffers. Worst of all, when mines have been completely stripped of metal, they are often left as is because the area can no longer be used for anything else. The primary question is; why do the companies do it? ...read more.


He tell us about all of human history has happened on that tiny pixel, which is our only home. Although I've only mentioned two of the millions of things negatively affecting the world we live in today, I still firmly believe that our world is changing for the better. We as humans are the only species with intelligence strong enough to understand the effects of global warming, over fishing, strip mining, and other myriads of environmental issues. We as humans are also the only species that have the ability to change and correct our course of action to reduce the affects of these problems on our planet. By educating ourselves on environmental problems and understanding ways to combat them, we will be removing stress on the planet and dependence on the valuable resources. We do not have to drastically change our lifestyle; for an example, changing all the light bulbs of mid-size home with fluorescent lights saves energy equivalent to removing 60,000 cars off the road for a day. Another is that food on an average dinner plate in the United States has traveled 1,300 miles. By buying locally produced food, it supports the local economy, saves energy, and reduces pollution. These simple things can make a difference. One by one, we can all cooperate to become more aware of our environment. Together, we can tackle these problems. "Where there is life, there is hope." ...read more.

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