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Features of Excel

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Features of Excel The software that I am using to make my project is Microsoft Excel. Excel has feature that would help me make my project and make it better in a way. These features are written in detail below. Features include: * Formulas * Comments * Hyperlinks * Pivot Tables * Cell shading * Locking cells * Cell validation * Insert Pictures * Cell referencing * Using AUTO SUM * Conditional Formatting * Relative and absolute addressing * Charts (graphical representation of data) * AND, LARGE, IF and TOTAL calculations * Dragging function (replicating formula using fill handle) Goal seek This is when you have a target cell that you want a specific value in. this could be the profit made for a shop. In excel you have formulas, and this goal seek will work backwards to calculate the original information. For example if you wanted to work out how much you would have to sell coke cans at to get a profit of �50 pounds when ...read more.


For example using a sum formula will add up the total of a range that the user selects. This could be used to add up profits. MACROS A macro can automate tasks. If you perform a task repeatedly in Word, you can automate the task using a macro. A macro is a series of Word commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically. Instead of manually performing a series of time-consuming, repetitive actions in Word, you can create and run a single macro in effect, a custom command that accomplishes the task for you. Lookup tables Naming a range will give the data a meaning. You can then set the information to be put into a cell to come from the range that you named in my project I could this in my project to input the information for orders into the order form, which will save the user time. ...read more.


An error message will be displayed to make the user aware of the error. For example a cell can be set to a certain value. If putting in a higher value 54 exceeds this value, e.g. 45 then the error message will appear. Conditional formatting Cells can be set so that the contents of the cell can be changed when the wrong or incorrect data is entered into the field. For example if values in the cell are beyond a set value then the information will change Colour to alert the user. This is useful, as it will show when stocks are too low for the orders. Fill Function By highlighting a cell and then dragging the bottom right hand corner of it, you can replicate the contents of the cell. This saves the time of retyping complicated formulae or long figures. I can use this to replicate lookup formulae and to control stock records. Insert Pictures To make the spreadsheet look more professional I can put pictures onto the sheet. The pictures can be of the items of Christmas stock or company logo. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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