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Free falling experiment.

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Free Falling experiment Introduction If a body is dropped from a certain height (S) falls for a time (t), then the equation of motion of a body can be written as : S= v1t+1/2gt2 Where v1 is the initial velocity. If a body is dropped from rest and falls freely then v1=0 ms-1 and the equation can be written as S=1/2gt2 Equipment Electronic timer, steel ball, contact pins, ruler and trip plate. Procedure 1. Set the apparatus so that the ball hits the trip plate directly. 2. The steel ball is held by electromagnet and the timer is said to read zero, as the ball released the start circuit is ON and the time of start is recorded. ...read more.


�0.005 Average Time (Sec.) �0.005 Average Time2 (Sec.) �0.005 1 1.5 0.545 0.523 0.543 0.537 0.190 2 1.4 0.516 0.519 0.523 0.519 0.213 3 1.3 0.508 0.501 0.507 0.505 0.239 4 1.2 0.487 0.487 0.492 0.489 0.255 5 1.1 0.460 0.459 0.465 0.461 0.270 6 1.0 0.434 0.435 0.437 0.487 0.288 Graph (Refer to the attached graphs). Conclusion Calculation of the gradient: (Y2 - Y1) / (X2 - X1)= (1.50 - 1.40) / (0.288369-0.269361) = 0.1/0.019008 =5.26 m.s-2 So g= 5.26*2 =10.52 m.s-2 My values were close to the value which is 9.8 which is the pull of gravity towards the center of the earth. ...read more.


balance which was used to measure the mass of the ball it might be not accurate or the labeling on the ruler. If we want to get a better results we need to follow another procedure. The results were not very accurate this might be caused by the experimenter such as releasing the ball which caused the timer to start working and the ball was not fully released which gave some faulty results. The measuring of the height might not be accurate because the experimenter was not on the same level which made caused a difference which is like few centimeters. If we want to get a better results we can recalibrate or use a more professional experimenter. ...read more.

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