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Frost’s “The Wood-pile”

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Christie Colombero Period 1 10/4/02 Frost's "The Wood-pile" "A small bird flew before me. He was careful To put a tree between us when he lighted." To scientifically analyze how the bird actually flew, we must start with the sun. The basic energy source for everything is the sun. Green plants use sunlight in photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, chlorophyll captures light energy and turns it into chemical energy. This energy is used to combine water, carbon dioxide and minerals into sugar and other organic compounds. ...read more.


The energy released is then used in making ATP from ADP and phosphate. Energy is needed to combine ADP and phosphate making that an endergonic reaction. When the bird needs to fly or move it uses the energy stored in ATP. A coenzyme breaks off a phosphate unit and releases energy to move the bird's muscles. The reaction is exergonic, releasing about ten calories of energy. If all the energy is not used in muscle contraction at that time, it can be turned into compounds in the muscles such as creatine and glucose. ...read more.


As you can see, each reaction is fueled by the reaction before it. The energy released from an exergonic reaction is used in endergonic reactions. In the same way, as a molecule such as glucose is broken down, entropy increases. However, when the energy released from the bonds is used to join ADP and a phosphate, entropy decreases, and more order exists. Without this cycle of endergonic and exergonic reactions and entropy and orderliness, the bird could not have flown and landed on the tree. He could not have led the traveler to the woodpile, which in turn, is just another pile of endergonic and exergonic reactions. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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