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Fuels have been a quintessential part of world's energy resources since the turn of the 20th Century.

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Fuels Fuels have been a quintessential part of world's energy resources since the turn of the 20^th Century. In 1950 98% of UK's energy used came from fuels (mainly coal and gas), and despite a slight dip in this number in recent times due to an attempt to increase the use of renewable energy resources 88% of UK's energy still comes fuels such as coal and oil (the rest being made up of Nuclear, HEP and other renewable energy sources). There are various desirable characteristics of fuels are Fossil fuels are of major value to society in an age of increasing demands for sources of energy. Despite the fact that they are non renewable, they still account for 90% of the total energy consumed in the UK, an indication of our reliability on fossil fuels. ...read more.


Due to the increase in the Worlds population, the demand for energy has increased quite dramatically, especially in "developing" countries, whereas consumption in MEDCs has slowed down due to environmental concerns and industrial decline. Our current reliance on fossil fuels is cause of concern to environmentalists and scientists alike, as the heavily polluting source of energy is non-renewable and will run out in the recent future. Even though they are formed naturally by the compression of decayed animals and plants under high temperature and pressure underground, the process of formation takes place over millions of years. As a result of this time period, fossil fuels can be classed as non-renewable. To replace fossil fuels as the leading energy producer there are various other energy resources that could be used. ...read more.


Hydroelectricity is a renewable source of energy that uses the power of running water to turn turbines that are connected to a generator, creating electricity. This too does have its disadvantages as dams are expensive to build and can cause the flooding of valleys in which small settlements may have to be relocated and agricultural land may be lost. Solar Power is an alternative form of energy that is increasing in popularity, but it is unreliable especially in places with a climate such as the UK, as there are low sunlight levels. Geothermal Energy has proved to be very successful in countries such as Iceland, where there is a large amount of volcanic activity underneath the surface of the earth. Scientists, in an attempt to find new energy sources have attempted to improve and develop new fuels. ...read more.

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