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Global Warming

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> Global Warming can be defined as the term used to refer to the fact that the average temperature around the earth is increasing. > Global Warming is caused by many different factors which are mostly as a result of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and wood which produce carbon dioxide > The excess Carbon Dioxide that is released in the atmosphere is also contributed by the emission of fumes by factories and motor vehicles. The extra carbon dioxide therefore creates a 'blanket' around the earth resulting in the rapid increase of temperature > Over the past century there has been a marked increase in the concentration of he Greenhouse gases. ...read more.


This Carbon dioxide therefore plays a role in global warming as it begins to trap heat on the earth's surface. Consequences of Global Warming > Global warming results in many changes in the earth's structure. As the temperature increases the polar ice caps begin to melt which will eventually lead to a rise in sea levels which could cause mass flooding in the future. Increase in temperature can affect animal habitats resulting in extinction of certain species, the heat could also cause an increase in forest fires which cause a decrease in the amount of tree's thus causing an increasing in Carbon dioxide concentration. This example represents the cycle of global Warming. > Global Warming will also have many Social and economic effects on humans, including agriculture where the abrupt change in temperature may result the growth of certain plants whereas other plants may benefit. ...read more.


In conclusion, we can say that Global Warming is as a result of man's own doing, and can only be resolved if each person makes a decision to better the world by making a change in the things they do and the way they go about doing it. For example, when one destroys forests for economic purposes it should always be a duty for each person to plant a tree back to replace the one which has been removed. It is up to us to make a change and help prevent the mass destruction of our planet and the people who live upon it by reducing the amount of Green house gases emitted yearly by the burning of fossil fuels so as to prevent Polar ice caps from melting and other effects of Global warming which may Impact the way we live tomorrow and the future. ...read more.

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Response to the question

There is no introduction to this piece of writing, the candidate simply starts by listing facts related to global warming. You should always introduce a piece a of writing, a good introduction, engages the reader, which is done by starting ...

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Response to the question

There is no introduction to this piece of writing, the candidate simply starts by listing facts related to global warming. You should always introduce a piece a of writing, a good introduction, engages the reader, which is done by starting with an interesting fact related to your topic, you should then state what you plan to discuss, making sure you define any key terms.

Level of analysis

The candidate gives a detailed response to the set topic, they have described causes of global warming and the consequences of these actions. However this could have been taken further by including current statistical data which provides the evidence for global warming. This additional information would have shown the candidates interest in the topic as well as being enjoyable to read, it also would have improved the presentation of this piece of work. Finally the candidate gives a strong closing paragraph by urging others to make a change. However when you conclude an essay you should summarise your key points and give your personal opinions on the topic, in this case; Do you think global warming exists? If so are we the cause?

Quality of writing

Most of this piece of writing is written in the form of bullet points, which is fine for notes but I don’t recommend that you do this when writing up a scientific piece of work/essay, especially if the work is going to be assessed. Despite this grammar is used accurately throughout the essay and there are no spelling issues.

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Reviewed by pictureperfect 03/07/2012

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