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How does temperature affect the permiability of cell memmbrane?

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Introduction: I am going to find out "How the temperature affects the permeability of the cell membrane?". To investigate what would happen to the beetroot as the temperature is being increased. Hypothesis: I think when the temperature is at its normal limit the water around the beetroot would be clear. But as the temperature is increased the protein get's denatured; bye which means it's will change its shape. Allowing the pigments of the beetroot to move from inside to the outside of the cell. This would result in the absorbance of the colour to increase. Therefore the water where the beetroots are kept in would turn reddish(caused bye the red pigments of the beetroot).


* Next day, place eight labelled boiling tubes each containing 5 cm distilled water baths at 0°C, 10°C, 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, 70°C and 80°C. * Leave for 5 minutes until the water reaches the required temperature. * Place one of the beetroot sections into each of the boiling tubes. * Leave for 10 minutes in the water baths. * Remove the beetroot sections and shake the tubes to disperse the dye in the water/solution. * Switch on the colorimeter and set it to read % absorbance. * Set the filter dial to the blue/green filter. * Using, a pipette, accurately measure 2 cm distilled water into a cuvette.


* Plan and investigation into how alcohol concentration affects membrane permeability. Results Table: Temperature (°C) Time (minutes) Absorbency (%) 0 10 0 10 10 2 20 10 8 30 10 14 40 10 29 50 10 42 60 10 60 70 10 81 80 10 82 Conclusion: The results show that temperatures affect on the permeability of the beetroots cell membrane increases as the temperarture increases. You leave the beetroot in each water baths at different temperature for 10 minutes. As the temperature increase there is also an increase in the absorbency. As you can see in the result table when the temperature is 0°C the absorbency is 0%. But once it reaches 80°C the absorbency is 82%. This shows a massive increase in the absorbency. ?? ?? ?? ?? How does temperature affect the permeability of cell membrane? 1

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