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How long will our natural resources last?

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How long will our natural resources last? One day the human population will have exhausted all of the natural resources the earth has to offer, this includes Fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) and metals ores such as bauxite and haematite, as well as other metals, copper, lead, tin and zinc. Many estimates have been made of how long our non-renewable resources will last. No one can make an accurate estimate. It is important at this point to ask the question "Why is it necessary to conserve our natural resources?" These five issues explain the reasons why it is important to consider this question. * Technological growth Consumer demand for new technology and goods places demands on our resources in order to enhance perceived obsolete goods. * Materialism Material items and goods have become increasingly important to the modern age and the modern lifestyle. * Commercialism There is now a global commercial awareness - markets for new goods span continents no longer are they restricted to local or regional markets. ...read more.


* Recycling materials * Using advanced technology * Finding new energy sources * Reducing world consumption * Cleaning fossil fuels Renewable Energy With the depletion of oil and gas reserves by the second quarter of next century, renewable energy resources are likely to become more attractive. They will become more cost-competitive, offer greater energy diversity and therefore security, and promise a cleaner environment. Increased use of renewable energy will mean the developing world will be able to provide energy to the population, the benefit of renewable energy is it is cheap and there are no raw materials involved, which are expensive to import. The costs are low in the long term which many countries could benefit from. Renewable energy includes, solar, HEP, wind, wave and biomass. The use renewable resources will, if used as a big enough percentage, take the pressure off non-renewable resources such as oil, coal and gas. Fossil fuels are too valuable to be burnt as fuel, we need them for plastics and materials. Recycling Materials Recycling is important as it means reducing waste going into landfill sites or incineration. ...read more.


Advanced technology could mean in the future we may be able to recycle the radioactive waste material from nuclear power stations. Hydrogen is being developed as a new fuel. Hydrogen is the near-perfect fuel: when converted to energy, it leaves only water as a by-product. However, before hydrogen can become a key energy source, it must be available in sufficient quantities. Development is needed before hydrogen can be used as an alternative fuel. Reducing Consumption There is now no doubt that we need to reduce consumption, this pictogram depicts the reality of continuing at the current use of consumption. We need to find energy sources which do not emit carbon dioxide which will add to the global warming effect. Alternative fuels/ energy sources are needed to be developed before we as a race exhaust the natural resources like fossil fuels. The world will continue to demand and consume a varying amount of energy to meet its needs. Effort by all countries is required to ensure the most efficient use of resources are utilised until serious consideration to the future global effect that the use of resources has on the environment. ...read more.

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