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How much energy is there in some foods that you eat?

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How much energy is there in some foods that you eat? Food Mass of the food (g.) Temp. of the water before the test (?C) Highest temperature of the water during the test (?C) Temp. increase (?C) Kit Kat 3.74 22 100 78 Rice cake 3.55 25 90 65 Peanut 3.72 25 90 65 White bread 3.36 25 57 32 Digestive biscuit 3.44 25 61 36 The mass of water in the boiling tubes- this apply to all of the foods test P= 1g. /cm Mass = 1g. /cm x 20cm = 20g. The energy transferred to the water in the boiling tube Mass of water = 20g Energy transferred to the water- P= m/v The energy transferred to water = m x c x T Specific Heat capacity = 4.2 J/g. Food The change in temp. (?C) Energy transferred to the water (working) ...read more.


Kit Kat chocolate has the highest energy value as it has 1751. 9 kJ per 100g, this might because that it has a lot of sugar and fat to make the chocolate. Rice cake has the second highest value as it has 1538 kJ per 100g, this is probably because of the icing sugar on the top. White bread appears to have the lowest energy value, as it contains more carbohydrate than fat and bread is made of wheat, which is high in carbohydrate, so it has less energy value. Digestive biscuit is also low in energy value, because it is made of wheat, so it contains lots of carbohydrate, however, it also contains sugar, so it still has higher energy value than bread. Peanut also has high-energy value, because it is high in protein, starch and a bit of fat. Compare with energy values given in food tables As compare, the results of my experiment, the energy value of different food is always lower than the energy values given on the table. ...read more.


Also, the energy has been used up to heat up the boiling tube at the beginning, so it has wasted its energy on that, leading lower temperature result. In order to improve the experiment, the boiling tube should be heated up first not using the fire from the food. The temperature of the water might have not increased to the maximum, because the water has used the energy from the food to break the bond between the water molecules when it's almost boiling, so it doesn't have enough energy to increase the temperature. The food often went of flame, so that I have to re-light it up, so the energy has been lost during this process. Some of the energy may have been wasted if the water boiled. This is because that after water boils it is unable to take in any more energy and the remaining energy would be useless and not calculated. This can be improve by using a different substance to water that has a higher boiling point, allowing the energy to still be transferred even after 100�C. ...read more.

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