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I couldn’t wait to get there

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I couldn't wait to get there, the Cayman Islands this was. On the tiring plane journey there, every soul was asleep apart from mine, dreaming of what the next two weeks was going to be like for me. The crystal-clear cobalt blue seas and the sandy sun-kissed shore. Pure paradise and a path to relaxation! Before I knew it we had touched down in Little Cayman the scenery truly exquisite. All I could see was the suns burning hot rays twinkling off the surface of the calm Caribbean Sea. Before my feet had time to touch the ground I was in the sea with my snorkel admiring the picturesque under water life. ...read more.


I felt so powerful, harmlessly eradicating all the different species from my path as I further descended towards the brightly coloured coral. I felt an unusual sensations pass up my body as the plants and coral gently brushed against me. It was getting cold now so my heart sped up dramatically using up my little reserve oxygen I had in me, so I had to get up for some more soon. Just as I pulled away I felt my ankle get clutched together. I panicked, what was it I thought? Coral! ...read more.


I slowly eased up and my eyes shut. I was slipping in and out of conciseness whilst my lungs filled up with seawater. I was almost dead! Then without no notice he let go my drenched body slowly floated to the surface and popped up like a Boyd. Choking and spluttering, the water soon evacuated my lungs, replaced with well-needed air. I still had no energy and no idea where I was; I certainly didn't have the energy to swim to the shore. I was fighting for my life. I fell unconscious again. Several hours later I was awoke on the shore, my mum trying to wake me up. How I got back to the shore, I will never know but thank God I'm still alive! ...read more.

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