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Increasing obesity in children

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AS Biology Increasing obesity in children More and more children of this generation are becoming obese. Obesity is now considered to be a global epidemic. "Obesity" refers to an excess amount of body fat. This report is aimed at primary school age children's parents. The stimulus for doing a report on obesity came from a magazine called Newsweek and due to increasing number of articles in newspapers. In the UK, nearly two-thirds of men and over half of all women are now overweight and 1 in 5 are obese. The level of obesity has tripled in the past 20 years, and is still rising; by 2010 at least 1 in 4 adults will be obese. Starches (carbohydrates) are huge long chains of identical sugar molecules (starch) or, individual sugar molecules (glucose). They are used for immediate energy through respiration. Proteins are huge long chains of different amino acids which are needed for growth and repair and replacement of cells. Fats, fat molecules consist of 3 fatty acids attached to a molecule of glycerol and are used as stored energy. Heat insulation and making cell membranes. I have chosen to look at being obese in more depth, in order to gain more knowledge about this subject I researched it via books from the library, recent newspaper and television articles and from the internet. ...read more.


A well balanced diet is the key to good health and will keep you at the correct weight. "Well-balanced" means eating a variety of foods in the right amounts and right proportion. No one food has all nutrients that you need in a day; therefore, no one food is more important than any other. A balanced diet is a mixture of food that together provides sufficient nutrients for healthy living. It contains: Water Proteins - including the essential amino acids we require and which the body cannot synthesise) Carbohydrates Lipids (including the essential fatty acids) Vitamins (both water-soluble and fat-soluble) Minerals (also known as inorganic ions) e.g. Ca�+,Fe�+,Cl- Indigestible fibre The Healthy Diet Pyramid (below) helps show the proportions of foods that make up a balanced meal. The daily need for each type of food is directly proportional to the size of its level of the pyramid. That means your meals and snacks should be made up mostly of food that appears at the larger lower two levels. Also, food that appears on the smaller upper levels should be eaten in smaller amounts. Below is a table showing the recommended daily amount of nutrients for girls. Boys need the same amount of calcium and iron but much more calories and protein. ...read more.


Sex hormones can affect obesity, in women changes in energy intake, desire for food and specific cravings occur at various stages of the menstrual cycle. Gender - Men have more lean body mass (muscle) and less fat than women, so even at rest men burn 10-20% more calories than women. Environmental factors - we live in an environment where people eat high fat, high sugar diets and take little exercise. We also have a fast food and convenience food culture. When your energy intake out weighs your energy output, you will put on weight. Psychological factors - Many people over eat when they're stresses, bored or angry. Illness or drugs - some illnesses can lead to a tendency to gain weight. Lack of physical activity - this is the most common reason for obesity in children, this is due to mainly watching too much TV, or playing too many computer games and not partaking in sports or just going outside. Obesity is a complex issue and a serious illness rather than simply a weight condition. The causes of obesity are various and often interlinked with two or more of these factors affecting one person at any time, so it is hard to pinpoint the exact reason why they are the way they are. In the future there are going to be more and more cases of childhood obesity unless something today is done about it. As each generation succeeds children seem to be getting heavier and larger. 1 ...read more.

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