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Insomnia and the effectiveness of drugs. The use of drugs as medication shows no indications for a permanent solution, but more as a temporary solution as they can cause a dependency on the drug, or over the time the drug will begin to stop working

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What is Insomnia? Insomnia is a self diagnosis that someone suffers sleeping difficulty; either difficulty getting to, staying, or getting enough sleep despite the amount of effort trying. Lack of sleep then incapacitates the individual from doing their responsibility. Each case is different as some find it easy to fall asleep but then wake up early so they do not get enough, or maybe find it difficult to get to sleep so they stay awake later getting less sleep. [1][3] To diagnose insomnia you would have an appointment with your doctor so they could make a formal diagnosis from what they learn after asking questions like "How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?", "do you take any medication, alcohol, and do you smoke?" and "how many times during the night do you wake up" to make a more accurate assumption to the insomnia the patient has, and how to treat it. Most common symptoms are the difficulty to fall asleep, waking up during the night. Difficulty returning to sleep, waking up too early in the morning, not feeling refreshed when you wake up, daytime sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. [16][15] Classified into three main groups as transient, acute, or chronic. [3] Is depending on the length of time suffered and the intensity. Transient being the weakest, it can last up to a week and is usually a repercussion of sudden change. Acute anytime up to a month, chronic insomnia could last for more than a month with no ending time limit. The effects of each stay mainly the same: sleepiness, and impaired performance. Except the effects of Chronic Insomnia, causing hallucinations, an increase in alertness, and viewing actions as though they were happening in slow motion, some of the causes ...read more.


each of this could be different depending on the person and anyone who has glaucoma, trouble urinating, or breathing problems due to the emphysema or chronic bronchitis should tell their doctor before getting the pill due as they could increase the risk of side effects actually happening, and even more severely than usual which could lead to more side effects. Meir H. Kryger notes that "Use of these medications for weeks, months or longer is not adviced because they affect the histamine system in the body, which can cause unwanted effects including nervousness, nausea..." (Kryger, M. H. (2004) "A Woman's Guide to Sleep Disorders" - United States of America: McGraw-Hill Companies, Pages 255 - 283 and 121 - 132) Other disadvantages would be that the sufferer may become addicted to the drugs that they were given to help the symptoms of insomnia, also if the person uses their own "drugs" which is alcohol, this may also become addictive that they become an alcoholic. Mental Health disorders. Anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression are a few of the prominent disorders that have caused insomnia. This is due to the emotional psychological problems, although sometimes it is unclear which condition is triggered by the other, depression could be brought on by lack of sleep, or it could be depression itself that causes sleeplessness, although insomnia itself can open itself up to many other illnesses and disorders. Benefits It is also important to remember that the medication may be the most effective means for sleep, like in a situation when recovering from a surgery, or traveling across a time zone, but are only usually given in severe circumstances due to the doctors worried about the dependencies upon the drug, relying on the medications to sleep and may be unable ...read more.


[9][13][15] Therefore the insomnia drugs are neither a useful, nor even a long term solutions for Insomnia, since all of them seem to lose their effectiveness over time forcing the dose to become higher, and therefore the side effects become more likely and more sever. Validation 1) http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/insomnia/Pages/Introduction.aspx - A reliable site, its an organization funded by the Department of Health, and committed to providing the objective trustworthy information to the public and guidance, they have a list of standards on their website that they have to uphold, and these are that the information is: - Approved by a clinical expert - Reviewed and updated frequently - Unbiased - Non-commercial - Not trying to replace a doctor - Not asking to be paid for a full email diagnosis - On the other hand it could be argued that they are just looking for people to treat, and ways to get someone into the clinic 2) http://www.bupa.co.uk/individuals/health-information/directory/a/antihistamines#textBlock192577 - This is a large health organization, based within three different continents, they have the vision of "taking care of the lives in our hands", They have the aims to provide information that is relevant, reliable as they are up to date information, peer reviewed and show sources of their evidence, as well as being readable in plain English. They produce their evidence by using good sources, like systematic reviews and national guidelines, and they have it peer reviewed by experts in that specific medical field, they encourage feedback so that the information can fit the user's needs. They show their sources of evidence so that it can be referred to or looked at by user's aswell as the pupa website. ...read more.

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