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Investigate the effect of on exercise on the heart rate.

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Investigate the effect of on exercise on the heart rate. Aim: To find out if there is any relevant link between the amounts of exercise taken to increase a person heart rate. Equipment needed: * Stop watch * Screen volunteer * P.E kit * Calculator * Record sheet Type of exercise: skip for few minutes , then break in between and again repeat it once or twice. Method: First of all, we needed to take the resting heart rate of the person who is about to skip. Then, with the stopwatch one person should be timing how long and the other person should be skipping for about few minutes. The person skipping still continues skipping until the partner tells the person to stop. Immediately the person should find his/her pulse rate and the person should start counting the amount of times the heart beats for a minute or long. Again, the partner will be timing this. ...read more.


Below is a questionnaire: Questions : What is the gender? male/ female what is your age? What is your height? What is your weight? Do you have breakfast in the morning everyday? What is your fitness level/exercise? How many days do you exercise in a week? Do you eat fruits and vegetables? If yes how many proportions a day? Do you smoke? Do you drink alcohol? Do you have any health problems e.g. diabetes, obese etc. If any please specify. Results Normal heart rate(pulse rate/minute) Time taken to skip (in seconds) Heart rate after exercise (pulse rate/minute) Time taken to return to normal heart rate (in seconds) 65 70 82 125 65 90 120 160 65 115 135 200 Analysis From the graph it shows that as the length of the exercise increases the pulse rate raises which then cause the heart rate to increase and taking time to return back to its normal heart rate. The highest pulse rate that is increase occurs in the third series of exercise (150 sec). ...read more.


Health and Safety consideration * Adjustment of the rope according to your height is very important. * The place should be clean with lots of spaced provided e.g. gym, park. * Shorten the rope so handlers reach their armpits. * The participant should not skip if they ate heavy meals or lunch * The participant should not continue skipping if they feel unconscious * It is recommended to wear athletic shoes for pleasure rope skipping I also believe that the person should make sure that they tie their shoe lace tightly so that it will be impossible for them to trip or fall down. I also think that skipping should take place in hard floors or on a flat surface by this it will help prevent injury. Overall I am quite pleased with how I have carried out my experiment successfully because I think I was accurate enough. I have learned quite a lot of information about the effect on the heart rate while doing exercise. ...read more.

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