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Investigate the factories, which affects the extension of a metal spring.

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Extension of a metal spring investigation


In this experiment I will try to investigate the factories, which affects the extension of a metal spring.

Background information                                                                             _                                        I think in this experiment as you increase the force on a metal spring then the metal spring stretches, and as you increase force more and more the metal spring will increase more. And we call this TENSILE STRENGTH. A piece of a metal spring can be compressed by equal and opposite force applied to its ends. When the force are removed, the metal spring will returns to its original shape. I think the following factors affect the extension of a metal spring:

  • The Length.
  • The thickness.
  • The applied force.
  • The material of the spring.
  1. The length will affects the extension of a metal spring this is because the longer the spring will be the greater the extension will be.
  2. The thickness I think this will affect the extension on a spring because the thicker the spring the less extension will be.
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Fix one circular up to other, weights up to the spring Add weights then record extensions after measuring it three times, Do this with eight different weights, Record extension from original length after finding out the average.


· Clamp and Stand.

· Weights 100grams.

· A measuring apparatus.

· A metal spring.

Fair test:

Throughout the experiment the following would be kept constant:

· The Thickness of the spring

· The length of the spring.

· The material of the spring.

The things that will vary throughout the experiment will be the mass and the extension. But I will only investigate and vary the mass myself because the extension will change as a cause of the mass being changed.

This test will be kept fair by applying the same weights making sure they are all 100 grams and I will place them on the spring carefully and wait till the spring has stopped moving so am accurate measurement can be made

The most important

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All of my results seemed to be very accurate. They all followed a pattern, but if I was to do it again, I would like to do it with a teacher so he or she can help me more so it can be straight forward.

The only problem is that some of the measurements could have been slightly inaccurate because I was using a 30cm ruler, and maybe that spring had not fully stopped. If there were a chance to do the experiment again, I would wait longer so there's more chance for the spring to stop.

Also to make sure that all my results were accurate I would have to dedicate more time to the experiment and be able to repeat them again after.

There are many different interpretations I could have used in this experiment such as changing the length of the spring, the material of the spring or the thickness of the spring. This could all have a major effect on the final outcome of the results.

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