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Investigating the Elasticity of a Rubber Band

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Investigating the Elasticity of a Rubber Band


   An elastic material is a material, which will return to its original length when a load is added and taken off, but if you reach the elastic’s elastic limit then the elastic becomes plastic, this is called Hook’s Law.

   I am going to investigate the elasticity of 1 rubber band by hanging it off a clamp which, is attached to a clamp stand and adding a load onto the rubber band.

   ‘ Apparatus:  

                     A long clamp stand,

                     A clamp,

                     A boss,

                     A meter ruler,

                     A pin,

                     A mirror,

                     A long thin rubber band,

                     100g Masses.’ (1 Newton weights)

   The variables in this

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First of all I setup the apparatus and made sure it was all safe and secure, I then took a measured the length of the rubber band while it didn’t have any extra mass on. I then started to add on a mass of 100g I took the reading using my pin, mirror and ruler and recorded it in a table. I kept adding 100g onto the rubber band and recording it using my pin, mirror and ruler until I reached a mass of 1500g. From my results I then

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I think that my results are reasonably accurate if you take into to account the fact that I was not in a high sophisticated laboratory with precision recording equipment. There was one result, which didn’t fit into the pattern of results because it was anomalous. I included the measurement in my table of results and also plotted it on my graph but missed it out when I drew the line of best fit. The experiment could be improved by measuring the length of the rubber band when removing the mass.

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