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Issue report: 'Smart' Drugs

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Issue report: 'Smart' Drugs By Oluwaniyi Jason Osunkoya Main issue: Smart drugs in society Subsidary issue: Prescription in the UK Word count: 2001 Target audience: A Level biology students In this report I shall be looking at drugs that enhance the mind and whether they have a place in society. But first of all one must understand the nature of these new drugs. These drugs are a kind of super drugs. Their reliable and have very few side effects if any. They appear to always work, and not many people have reactions to them. The research and development into this area has been relatively new however it is obvious that if this aspect of biology is left untouched then it would probably turn into something much akin to the steroids industry, with which multiple companies sell these enhancers to anyone willing to buy them, with barely any regulation. There are many different issues that arise from these drugs that will need to be looked into. When the issues are looked at just on the surface it seems like there is no reason why these sorts of drugs should not be sold over the counter. However is this really the case? ...read more.


This chemical raises a lot of questions, as it is safe when taken in the right amounts. It has already been found on the internet for prices of $200+ due to its obvious cognitive benefits. This proves that if this sort of market were to be left uncontrolled it would be likely to spiral out of control in a way that has occurred with the supplements for sports area. I felt that these two drugs should get a special mention as they are currently the two most looked at drugs when it comes to looking at the growth of smart drugs. There are many others that are being looked at. Most of these drugs happen to be drugs that are used to help alleviate symptoms of diseases like Alzheimer's Diseases or Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder. Piracitem This is a drug that has the ability to increase the cognitive ability of the brain by enhancing the metabolic rate of the brain cells. It does not have any harmful side effects as many tests have been taken with it, and high dosage groups did not appear to have any difference to those who were given a placebo to test instead. ...read more.


The NHS has been suffering deficits in its budget for years. When it was first set up the idea was that it would always break even in terms of overheads, however time and time again this has been proved false. For the last decade the NHS has returned a deficit in its budget for which the tax payers have had to foot the bill. This year there is a predicted deficit of 10 billion pounds. Right now the NHS is currently charging �6.86 in prescription charges but this is likely to go up as the deficit increases. As you can see with this sort of deficit coming up it is obvious that the NHS will not willing fund any sort of venture into recreational drugs that do not help with some sort of medical condition. Also seeing as the producers of pharmaceutical products will be the ones who will be setting the price for these new trends of super drugs it is likely that the NHS will not be able to afford them at all. The post code lottery also affects other aspects of the medical service. Firstly it means that certain hospitals have access to more facilities and different special wards that can treat different illnesses in better and more professional ways. ...read more.

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3 star(s)

Response to the question

The response to the question overall is a good attempt. The candidate synthesises information from different sources and attempts to analyse their content and how this would impact on the general population. However, the main focus should have been towards ...

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Response to the question

The response to the question overall is a good attempt. The candidate synthesises information from different sources and attempts to analyse their content and how this would impact on the general population. However, the main focus should have been towards the scientific use behind these drugs to see if they actually did what they said they did to make more reasoned conclusions. The candidate communicates clearly and concisely.

Level of analysis

The introduction is good, and grips the reader but the candidate does not explain what drugs he is actually dealing with. He then launches into the economical issues behind the drugs and should first have given some sort of scientific background to the drugs. The candidate goes on to name different drugs and their supposed effects but does not really explore the scientific hype around them to make judgements for themselves which is what I would have liked to have seen for the candidate to get a better grade. The candidate does try to analyse sources for their authenticity. The candidate should also have made a conclusion.

Quality of writing

In the odd places words are mis-spelled, overall grammar, spelling and punctuation is to a high level.

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Reviewed by skatealexia 17/04/2012

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