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Law and Order in the late Nineteenth Century

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Law and Order in the late Nineteenth Century

In this essay I am going to write about London in the nineteenth century and also about the creation of the metropolitan police force.

During the 19th century London was different then what it is now for instance there was no major police force and most of the police was made up of volunteers. 75% of the crime in London was petty theft; only 10% of the crime was made up of violent crimes such as murders so there really wasn’t any need for a police force which explains why there wasn’t one. The population of London started to grow and so did the crimes because the more people there are at one place the criminals could easily pick pocket them.

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th century the burglaries went up. The Police force also had to deal with riots and that’s where they got their reputation as ‘’heavy handed’’. During the time the MET police had a mixed reputation for example the times wrote ‘’amid the bustle of Piccadilly or the roar of oxford street, P.C.W. 59 stalks along, an institution rather than a man’’ this shows us that the times reporters had a very one sided view about the London Bobby but another newspaper wrote ‘’In These happy days of piece, the blue coats, the defenders of order, are becoming the national favourites’’

There was another so called police force which was named ‘’the bow street runners’’ they were in existence before the Met police was set up and they mainly operated in the city of London.

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                                  1879                                             1884

Number of detectives:                   216                                               294

Number of arrests:                         13,128                                          18,344

In my conclusion I would like to say that during the 19th century law and order was at progressing stage there was a new police force set up afterwards a new detective department was introduced which was called the CID this really increased the amount of arrests and caught many criminals. The police force also found new methods of catching criminals such as footprints and handprints photos. I can also say that the Police force had a different reputation depending on the neighbourhood you lived in for example if you lived in a bad neighbourhood with lots of crime the police would tend to treat the people in there more harshly therefore they would have a bad reputation compared to the richer neighbourhoods of London.

By Tony Baranov 11AN

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Mechanics & Radioactivity section.

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