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Lipid Formation

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Discuss the function and structure of triglycerides in a living organism. Triglycerides are known to have a complex structure and function. Their structure contains carbons, hydrogen's, a carboxyl group and a hydroxyl group. The triglycerides, which act mainly as energy stores in animal and plants, are a large important group of lipids. ...read more.


3 fatty acids. The fatty acids determine the characteristics or properties of the fat. The bond formed between the -OHs of the glycerol and the -OHs of the fatty acid is an ester bond. Fatty acids are chains of hydrocarbons 4 - 22 carbons long with the carboxyl functional (acid) ...read more.


The digestion of triglycerides is slower than the digestion of other food types, due to the structural formula, fatty acid and glycerol. This is known to be one function of a triglyceride. Animals which have to survive unfavorable seasons eat large amount of high energy foods to build up fat stores. During the hibernation they obtain the energy they need to survive the long winter from the triglyceride stored in their adipose. Animals that are included in this are bats, dormice etc. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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