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Locusts will be affected by temperature

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Research I plan to see how temperature affects the locust since I know the facilities are available for testing. I've chosen temperature because it is widely know that temperature affects a lot of things especially Biological beings. I think that the Locust would be affected by temperature since the enzymes within all living life forms are affected by temperature. Since the species of locust we are using is 'Schistocera Gregaria', The Desert species, it means they will be used to higher temperatures than the rest of the locust family (Grasshoppers etc.) In all enzymes there are boundaries which no creature can go since the bonding within the enzymes will not be able to stand the temperature. Enzymes are proteins; Enzymes are segmented into three groups which have different structures and bonding associated with the group: * Primary structure- a single Protein strand containing only: peptide bonds. * Secondary structure- is like primary but contains a single protein chain folded with Hydrogen bonding along the folds. * Tertiary structure- a single protein strand containing: Peptide bonds, Hydrogen bonds, disulphide bridges which is a covalent bond so makes it stronger. * Quaternary structure- two or more protein chains bonded together with all the bonds of Tertiary structures: Peptide bonds, Hydrogen bonds, disulphide bridges The Idea of surface area to volume ratio is important now because the insect has evolved to a multi-cellular creature it means no longer is the Surface area adequate to allow enough chemicals to be exchanged with the environment to keep it alive. So Insects have a specialist respiratory system that has evolved from the simple diffusion of the single cellular ancestors. The system includes a simple method of changing the air pressure within the abdominal by the Contraction and Relaxation of the abdominal muscles, to allow the flow of air into and out of the Insects abdominal. There are tubes (Bronchioles) ...read more.


Then every individual locust is unique and will have a separate threshold to temperature. So if I happened to pick the locust with a virus or just in a state of unusualness then the experiments results will be incorrect for the locust as a species. Does not show The Clamp or Bunsen burner or Magnifying glass Implementing Apparatus: Tripod Mat (Heatproof) Bunsen burner Jar (1100ml) Gauze Kettle Boling tube Rubber Bung (with hole) Locust Thermometer Clamp *2 Stop watch All the Apparatus was checked to make sure there were no faults, cracks or defects. The apparatus was set up as in the plan and the locust was placed into the Boiling tube, gently, with ease and consideration. A spare empty test tube was used to check the set up before the locust was entered, to make sure of the apparatus. I then checked the locust itself to see if there were any signs that could affect the experiment like Missing ligaments or pregnancy. I found it was a female but there were no signs of pregnancy and the age was too young. I started the experiment with the locust at 19'c for a test run. The locust was then found to be climbing up the boiling tube walls, trying to escape. This meant the locusts abdominal was distorted by the water level, there was no way I could stop diffraction so I decided to collect a larger jar which held 1100ml of water which meant I could submerge the boiling tube further and the abdominal wouldn't be distorted. I also found that it was easier on my neck since the jar held the locust higher up, which previously there was more chance that I'd look away and distort the results because of an aching neck. The size of this jar meant that the time it took to heat up would be too long. So a more efficient way would be to have a boiled kettle and then top up with cold water. ...read more.


Although they don't state what the locust is like, because they do increase their temperature when breeding. Hypothesis I predict that the Locust will be affected by temperature since: Firstly diffusion will be affected- The rate at which the chemicals defuse into the body fluid will increase since temperature affects the movement of particles so the insect will need to take fewer breaths to gain the needed quantity of chemicals. Enzymes will be affected- All enzymes within the locus will be affected by the temperature since the bonding and movement of them is. The Enzymes will have an optimum temperature of the locust, which is dictated by the Enzymes according to where they are most suited. So temperature change will mean the enzymes may not work to their full capacity or may denature if the temperature exceeds the optimum. The locust's body cannot regulate it temperature by itself so the locust either has to move to warm up or go into shade to cool down. So if this happens in the wild, surely the temperature is important to the locust and if it weren't vital the locust wouldn't bother try to regulate it. If the locust has to regulate it, it does not mean it will affect the breathing rate but may affect another function. I feel since the breathing will be used to obtain vital gasses, and the air around the locust will be at the temperature, so will be changing its movement according to the temperature, then the locust will have to change its breathing to keep a steady amount of gas exchanges. The enzymes will use these gases or a constituent of them and if these are affected then once again the locust will have to change the breathing to allow the correct quantity. So I would expect a curve in the graph extending up then levelling off ant decreasing. But my experiment will not let it decrease because the locust would be dyeing. ?? ?? ?? ?? Investigate A Factor affecting the breathing rate of a Locust Daniel Rose Pg.3b Biology ...read more.

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