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Maintaining a healthy body

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Maintaining a healthy body Health is the state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease. To maintain this a particular level must be sustained to keep it in a proper or good condition.(1) A healthy body is an organism that is working to its optimal capacity and functionality, so all its systems are working perfectly and in harmony.(1) Homeostasis is the scientific term given to how a system regulates its internal environment and tends to sustain stability,(2) this coupled with external factors such as diet, exercise, mental health and illness are crucial in maintaining a healthy body.(1) The most commonly used method to define a body's health is the body mass index (BMI), The BMI is an equation of weight divided by height.(3) However this method does not determine the percentage of fat and therefore does not give the complete picture of the body's health. It is therefore vital to have a measure of muscle to fat ratio and other key elements such as, diet, mental health, fitness and age when determining the overall health of a body.(3) ...read more.


(7) It should also be low in fat (especially saturated fat) salt and sugar. The problems with saturated fatty foods such as fast foods are they increase the amount of cholesterol in the body. (7) Cholesterol is a lipid, mostly made by the liver and is vital for the normal functioning of the body but an excess amount leads to health concerns such as heart conditions, obesity, diabetes and even cancers.(7) Other fats such as omega 3 (unsaturated fatty acids) are vital for cognitive function and the nervous system, it is instrumental in ensuring a high enough absorption level of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, needed for resistance against infection.(5) They also promote healthy skin, eyes, heart, and circulation, blood clotting and strong bones.(7) Exercise is important because even if a person has a balanced diet they may still gain weight. It is a simple equation of calories in, versus calories out. (3) Exercise improves the body's strength and builds muscles, this improves the basal metabolic rate and in turn will increase the amount of calories a body burns when resting. ...read more.


(12) Smoking cigarettes can cause many problems such as mouth cancer, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and premature death.(13) This is due to the poisonous toxins in cigarettes; they include nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, with nicotine as the addictive ingredient.(10) Smoking this cocktail of poisons can cause cells in the body to stop working correctly and so lead to an increase in disease and death.(14) In 2008, smoking caused 83,900 deaths in England alone.(13) Thankfully the legislation has changed and people may no longer smoke in enclosed public places (as of the 1 July 2007) saving the non smokers from breathing in second hand smoke.(13) To summarize; the main contributing factors to maintaining a healthy body is a balance of nutrition in relation to energy output. Also the different choices that a person will make throughout their life can be detrimental to whether they live a healthy lifestyle, so eating a healthy diet and having regular exercise whilst refraining from consuming poisonous toxins like cigarettes and alcohol will help a person to maintain a healthy body. ...read more.

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