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Making a 1% solution of glucose.

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Making a 1% solution of glucose Introduction Standard solutions are important because you can compare them with other solutions. A standard solution would be used to test solutions from peoples body to find out if they have got to much glucose in the body or do not have enough this can then tell if some one is diabetic or not. Forensic scientists have to test for glucose in liquids that they find at the crime scene which can give them a lot of evidence against someone or clear someone who is one of they suspects. Aims of activity To make up a 1% solution of glucose in water using 1g glucose and 100ml water and use this as a control solution. ...read more.


5. Then finally put the water up to nearly 100ml from the tap then use the squeeze bottle to put the water right to the 100ml mark. Results My result showed that test tube A had the glucose in it because when we heated it up the colour changed and that test tube B had no glucose in it because the colour did not change. Evaluation Problems One of the problems that I had during the experiment was the weighing boat was too small to carry one gram of glucose in it. To over come this we got a bigger weighting boat that could carry one gram of glucose. Another problem that I had during the experiment was that we were using normal flask which were very hard to read 100ml off and not specific ones which could have been much easier to read 100ml off. ...read more.


On the volumetric flask that we had in school it says at room temperature that were the line is at it will be exactly 250ml it is also very accurate because at the bottom it is wide and when you go up the flask it has a very thin neck which makes it more easily to read the mark off. The reason why we used the conical flask instead of the volumetric flask was because they are very expensive and my school can not afford them but our teacher showed us how to use a volumetric flask. Volumetric Flask Strenghts Weaknesses Very accurate Very expensive Is very easy to use My school only have one Conical Flask Strenghts Weaknesses Cheap Not very accurate Is very easy to use Hard to tell when it is at 100ml My school has a lot Is very wide Ahraz Ashraf 10N ...read more.

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