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Manipulating Reproduction - Have we gone too far?

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Manipulating Reproduction - Have we gone too far? Manipulating reproduction has come a long way. It has created many branches from genetic engineering and many more. We have technology where we can clone whole organisms. This development has been already tested on a sheep called dolly. The nucleus from the egg, which came from dolly, was removed and placed into another empty egg with no nucleus. In the end, dolly gave birth to baby who had same genetics as her. And also more progression has been made in genetic engineering. We can now clone tissues and we have technology to select embryo and this is the branch of genetics I will be discussing (4 + 8) Embryo Selection Since the discovery of DNA in the late 1950�s, the possibility of genetic modification of animals and plants has become a reality. However is the reality of designer babies going to far? The term 'designer babies' has become very popular these days. A designer baby is that which an egg from the ovaries of a mother is genetically selected because it does not contain any gene faults or any evidence that future child will have any diseases. ...read more.


Or will these questions be dealt with when the problems arise? The medical issues of designer babies in a harmful way also have to be dealt with. If the genetic code of a child is altered, then it could affect the baby's children and it ascendants. If the genetic code is altered and tampered with too much that would surely have a detrimental effects such as infertility and so forth. If it is available, it must surely have some limitations. Will the technology be applied to medical disorders and what type of disorders. Ailments such as Downs's syndrome or hereditary baldness? If it is going to be made legal to design babies who will police it? If there is a person who wants designing done and has the right money but will be turned away because of the law and are not allowed to do the procedure. This would create more problems because people with money will try anything to achieve this and that would even mean going to the black market. People have also believed that disabled people and patients with genetic disease have been an inspiration for many people There are different reasons why people want to have designer babies. ...read more.


I also believe that embryo selection or PGD would have to be policed and this should be done by the HFEA (human fertilisation and embryology authority). I believe that all prospective parents looking forward to use this procedure must be cautioned about the risks and issues that have been raised. If parents want to use this method, then they should be interviewed properly in many stages, so we can be clear that the only reason for this treatment is that of health risk and not of picking the child's hair colour or abilities. INTERNET http://www.jtsma.org.uk/info_pgd.html (1) http://www.bionetonline.org/English/Content/db_leg1.htm#UK (2) BOOKS Human Genetics (3) British Medical association BMA Published in1998 by Oxford university press Great Clarendon Street Oxford OX2 6DP Debating matters- Designer babies - where should we draw the line? (4) Hodder & Stoughton Published in 2002 by Cox & Wyman 338 Euston Road London NW1 3BH Improving Nature? The science and ethics of genetic engineering (5) Michael J Reiss and Roger Straughan Published in 1996 by Press syndicate of the university off Cambridge The Pitt Building Trumpington Street Cambridge CB2 1RP A new introduction to biology (6) Bill Indge, Martin Rowland, Margaret Baker Published in 2000 by Printer Trento 338 Euston Road London NW1 3BH ...read more.

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