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Milk Production

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Milk Production Milk is consumed by almost everyone, everyday. It is the only resource that is next to water. Milk is one of the sources of nutrients cows have that protect them. When humans consume the milk, we also consume the rich nutrients along with it. That is why people might say thing such as "milk is good for you." Well if you heard that before, you heard right. The one and only way to produce rich milk is by getting them from cows. Typically cows spend about 8 hours eating, 8 hours sleeping and 8 hours chewing their cud. ...read more.


Back In the day's milk is usually milked from the cows by hand and with a dish underneath. Since the technology we have is so advanced, we now use automatic milking machines to milk our cows. Which seem to be more accurate and faster in doing the job. Most dairies or milk factories have enough machines to milk about 20-40 cows at a time. These machines replace the people who used to take time and milk the cows and the young calves. After milk is gathered from the cows, it is then kept in milk storage vats or silos where they are refrigerated until it is time for pickup. ...read more.


After the driver tests the milk, the milk is on its way on the road to the factory sites to get laboratory tested. At the laboratory is the place where the milk is checked for any problem it may possess. Samples from the big transportation milk tanker are tested for antibiotic and temperature before the milk enters the factory's processing area. Farm milk samples are tested for milk fat, protein, bulk milk cell count and bacteria count. If milk is unsuitable for the quality products then the milk will be rejected. Most farmers are paid on the quality and masterpiece of their milk and it is extremely important that these samples are collected and stored correctly. It is important because the milk will be served to the public and nothing should go wrong. ...read more.

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