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Moreover, The Dead Poet's Society does not include the theme of finding one's self or betrayal. In A Separate Peace Gene has trouble facing reality, so Finny

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Welton vs. Devon The boys at the Devon and Welton School go through the hardships of growing up and traversing the gap into manhood. However, the boys try to find relief in themselves. The setting of the story also affected how each of the boys thought and viewed life. The theme of the two literary pieces and lives of Finny and Neil enhances the viewer's perspective of the pieces. The themes of the story are both affected by the presence of unruly friends. Both literary pieces implied that friendship was important. For instance, in The Dead Poet's Society Neil helped Todd overcome his sadness about his birthday, by getting Todd to throw it off the school. ...read more.


He took a dramatic step, and entered the army. In this scene, Gene went through a revelation of thought and chose his own path. Gene had to be able to take care of his responsibilities that day. The students that attended the Devon School are closely related to the students that attended the Welton School. Finny and Neil were considered the ringleaders in the stories. Neil, from The Dead Poet's Society established the group of young adults to meet at the cave and read poetry. It was Neil who initiated the meeting and took charge of the occasion. Furthermore, Finny founded the suicide society, which meet everyday. Neil and Finny were able to encourage their friends through the darkest of times. ...read more.


However, Finny is more in love with sports, and he does not have much insight for what he wants to do in the future. Gene, Finny's best friend, is the cause of Finny's death. Finny dies because he can no longer cope with what Gene had done to him. Gene had practically pushed Finny out of the tree and maimed him for life. Finny dies because his heart stops beating, symbolizing a broken heart full of sadness and grief. Both stories have their similarities and contrasts. In the dead The Dead Poet's Society the boys find away to express themselves through individualism and poetry; however, in A Separate Peace a few friends find out what it really takes to become a man and who troubling the obstacles are. ...read more.

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