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My Autobiographical Essay.

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My Autobiographical Essay

It was my day of judgement at Copford Cricket Club, in a tiny village unknown to many people. All of the people important to me were there ready to watch me. I arrived at the venue at 12:10pm. My stomach was churning, and I felt very small and insignificant.

This was to be my first full game for the first team. I was thrilled to have reached this milestone and I had come prepared to battle against the fully grown, brute-like men who were just waiting for me to be their easy target. I was sitting all alone in the corner of the pavilion whilst my opponents were strolling past, full of confidence, staring and laughing with a disrespectful look on their faces, merely because of my young and tender age. I walked slowly into the small and cramped changing rooms. I found myself surrounded by many of my idols, all prepared for the challenge, which left me the final player to prepare and get ready for the game.

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As the  game got underway again, gradually the wickets began to fall, meaning that my turn to bat was creeping nearer and nearer. My stomach rolled and, as my nerves tightened their hold, I began to wish that I had not eaten so much food! Suddenly the captain gave the order that I had been dreading so much: “Get your pads on, kid and do it quickly!’

Off I went, creeping into the changing rooms in complete silence, preparing myself for the battle with the ball. I quickly put on my pads; my hands were shaking so much that I could hardly fasten the buckles. Walking outside, I paced nervously up and down.  Then the moment came: the previous batsman was dismissed and I found myself walking the “green mile”, out on to the field.

I was shaking far too much for my own comfort. The closer I got to the crease the more mind-numbingly petrified I actually was, as I finally realised that the other team were just like vultures waiting to finish off their next prey, which was now, unfortunately, me!

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The minutes were passing by as I was getting close to the end of a perfect day. My final shot added another four points to our score and, for  the first time that day I felt I could easily hold my head up high as I marched off the pitch, with the sound of my team mates’ applause ringing in my ears. I was smiling broadly as my team mates congratulated me; the opposition could only watch, loathing every moment as they had been outplayed by a five feet seven inches, fourteen year old, school boy. I was certainly over the moon at having achieved such a goal so early on in my life.

Before I went to bed that night one final thought had entered my brain: no-one will ever be able to take this away from me.  No matter what happens in the future, I will never forget the day that I scored 56 runs not out.

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