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Ocean Wave Energy

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Ocean Wave Energy Ocean waves have both kinetic and potential energy. There are various devices for converting wave energy into other forms of energy - such as mechanical motion or fluid pressure. ...read more.


India has built a 150 kW OWC caisson breakwater device and a Wells turbine. The technology is still under development in several countries. The inherent characteristics of wave power are that the energy is diffuse; wave forces are enormous during storms; waves vary in size, wavelength and direction depending upon wind conditions; the mean sea water level changes with the tide; and the available energy varies over a wide range. ...read more.


Generally, a large number of devices will be required to generate an appropriate amount of electricity. The latitudes between 40-60 deg are suitable for siting these devices, where the highest concentration of wave energy occurs. The west coasts of Europe and the US, and the coasts of New Zealand and Japan are particularly suitable for wave energy extraction. ...read more.

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