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Only God has the right to interfere with our genes'.

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Only God has the right to interfere with out genes' Genetic engineering is 'the deliberate modification of the characters of an organism by the manipulation of the genetic material' (OED). In connection with medicine it is using techniques of gene development and manipulation to find cures or prevention for disease and disabilities in humans. Genetic diseases affect large numbers of people. Defective inherited genes can cause physical deformity, retardation and possible early death. Scientists are involved in genetic research into cystic fybrosis, muscular dystrophy, sickle-cell anaemia (which only affects black Africans) and Huntington's chorea. They have been helped by the Human Genome Project, which is mapping all the genes in the human body. There are two different types of genetic engineering. One is Somatic cell engineering, which only affects the person of which the engineering is being performed on. The other type is germ line, which affects the future generations. For example if someone has an illness that could be inherited by their children, if genetic engineering is carried out before they have children, the child is in no risk to get the disease. Therefore germ line engineering affects other generations. ...read more.


Also, scientists who are trying to create life from stem cells are acting as God. To compare your self to God in any way is Shirk (the worst sin for a Muslim) Thirdly, life begins at fertilisation, and embryo research violates the Sanctity of Life in the same way that abortion does. Some people disagree with the statement and think genetic engineering is a good idea. This is because of a number of things. It offers the prospect of cures for currently incurable diseases. Furthermore, it is done in other countries and so is available to those rich enough to travel and pay for it. Research into stem cell cloning would use embryos until it was easier to use adult cells. Finally, genetic research is closely monitored by the law, but has vast potential benefits Some Christians are in favour of genetic engineering because Jesus was a healer, and told Christians to do all they could to cure disease. He told his disciples, 'When you enter a town and are welcomed there...Heal the sick' (Luke 10 v 8-9) Also, using our scientific knowledge to find out more about and improve human life is good stewardship of creation, and the gifts we have been given, in the same way that researching new drugs is. ...read more.


Using our scientific knowledge to find out more about and improve life is good guardianship of creation, and the gifts we have been given, in the same way that researching new drugs is. Furthermore, creating people would be wrong, as it would be taking over God's role in the creation of life, but creating cells is working with God. Embryos cannot be regarded as a potential human life until they are 14 days old, and this is the time limit set by the HFEA for genetic research. This ties in with the teachings of the Shari'ah on abortion My own feelings about this statement 'Only God has the right to interfere with our genes' is that it is wrong. I think this firstly because I am an Atheist. However, even if I was a believer in God I would not agree that God is the only one who can interfere with our genes, as it is helping humans to be relieved of illnesses and in some cases helping the disease from being inherited by their children. Embryo research is a good thing as well as is helps to find out what is a successful treatment before it is used on a human that has already been living for years, as the embryo is not even considered a potential life yet, I think it is fine to carry out experiments on them. ...read more.

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