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Possible disadvantages of exercising too much

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Possible disadvantages of exercising too much Vulnerability to disease (1)Excessive exercise can increase vulnerability to disease and health problems. Athletes of varying ages who engage in long ad strenuous training programmes are more at risk from health problems than those who do moderate exercise. This has been found by looking at the number of school boys who contacted pneumonia after a period of intense sports training compared to others who only participated moderately and also the incidence of Upper respiratory tract infections in athletes who participated in a marathon compared to a group who had the same training but did not partake in the marathon. ...read more.


stress and possible inflammatory response in muscle tissue reducing other non-specific responses B-cells and T-cells Normal Functioning Reduced helper T-cells activity leading to reduced antibody count Activated T-cells Normal Functioning Cytotoxic cell activity reduces Damage to Skeletal System Excessive exercise can cause damage to the body since parts are overused or put under great pressure, there are two types of injury, traumatic and over-use, traumatic injuries involve a single impact such as rugby and overuse injuries are similar to repetitive strain injuries. There are 4 main injuries that over exercise can cause on the skeletal system. ...read more.


to overused muscles but it can also be caused by slippage of back bones while lifting weights * Arthritis: When too much stress is put on joints in routine exercise and the weight they carry is more than they can handle arthritis can occur. Apart from fractures these problems are long term and often don't have any cheap cure requiring painkillers. (3)Lesser Problems Other problems can include an increased rate of eating disorder including Bulimia due to over obsession of body image. This can lead to excessive aerobic exercising which leads to the loss of both fat and muscle weight. The appearance of not loosing weight as your muscle density increases can cause more excessive exercising. ...read more.

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