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Principle of flight

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Sreham airport is located on the south coast in West Sussex. Established in 1936, it is one of the oldest airports in the UK. It played an important role during the war in 1936 when international airlines moved from Croydon airport to Shoreham, flights went as far as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Brussels. Nowadays, Shoreham airport only provides servicing for airlines and only small private jets take off there. The visit explains few aspects of physics in aviation, the principle of flight, Bernoulli effect and the effect of controls. The principle of flight for heavier than air aircrafts, such as airplanes and helicopters, involves balancing four main forces acting on the aircraft, which are lift, weight, drag and thrust. The other aspect of physics in aviation is the effect of controls, which tells us how different components are used to deflect airflows in order to manoeuvre. ...read more.


Bernoulli effect The speed of airflow is related to the amount of lift generated, which is why airplanes need a runway in order to create a greater speed of airflow. Te speed of airflow is greater on the top of the wing because air travels a greater distance but by the same length of time. The Bernoulli effect states that a faster moving fluid, such as air, would have a lower pressure than a slower fluid. So the lift pressure would be the difference in the air pressures between the top of the wing and the bottom of the wing, i.e. P2- P1. Therefore the amount of resultant force would be the lift, as Force= Pressure x Area Force1 = P1 x Area of wing. ...read more.


This can be done by deflecting airflows in different directions. There are three types of movements in the air, pitch, roll and yaw. Each controlled by different components. The pitch is the vertical rotations of the nose, controlled by the elevators. Roll is the rotations of the wings, controlled by ailerons and the rudder controls yaw, horizontal rotation of the nose. Helicopters The same physics applies in the flight of helicopter, however they use high-speed rotors that are tilted in the same way wings are to create lift. As rotors rotate at a high speed, they create an air stream above the helicopter, and the tilted rotors pushes this air stream downwards and air pushes the helicopter upwards. However, the rotation of the rotors creates rotation of the body to rotate in the opposite direction, known as the torque, so a vertical rotor is used eliminate torque. ...read more.

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