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Evaluation There were a few limitations in the experiment which could be taken into consideration if I were able to do again. Firstly, the important one is making judgement of accurate final end point. Determining the colour of iodine in slower reactions of blue-black and dark brown was difficult in some cases. In the end of reactions on bacterial amylase was difficult to determine the iodine colour whether or not they may be an change. This method may be inaccurate as slight colour change is taken on own judgement. Secondly, another limitation is that even though the enzymes of the same concentration was constant in the experiment, the powdered enzymes was not reliable as it was a raw preparation as the enzymes might of ...read more.


However, from the two tests that were done they results were reliable as they were very similar with each other but a little change in pH 5 and 6 for fungal amylase. The points on my graph were joined using straight lines from point to point. This might be because there could have been a different affect on these amylases with pH. This might mean there might be a slight variation in the amylases or a fault in the experiment. Despite trying to control possible variables there are a few areas within the plan which could have lead to inaccuracy in the results. From my graph, no anomalous points could be seen which could suggest the experiment was conducted very well and the amylases work ...read more.


I would of done a preliminary study to get a more understanding of the experiment such as looking at different concentrations of starch, different concentrations of amylase enzyme, leaving it at a range of times to work at, etc which would help in explaining in greater depth the effect of pH. In future if I had more time more the experiment, I would of liked to of worked with even more ranges of pH e.g. pH 7.2, 6.5 etc, this would make the experiment more accurate as there would be more points to plot on the graph. I would also of like to work with a bigger range of fungal and bacterial amylases in subject to availability. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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