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Renewable Energy Sources.

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Renewable Energy Sources All energy sources can be labelled as RENEWABLE or NON-RENEWABLE. Some of the renewable energy sources are... * Solar energy * Hydroelectric energy * Wind energy * Wave energy * Tidal energy These will be continually available as long as the sun sends out radiation. The non-renewable energy sources consist of the fossil fuels which are... * Coal * Oil * Natural Gas * Nuclear fuels These fossil fuels have taken millions of years to form and we are currently using this form of energy faster than it can be replaced. Wind Energy The UK is the windiest country in Europe making it very appropriate for the use of wind turbines to produce energy. Wind energy is cheap and unlike fossil fuels does not give off dangerous waste and does not contribute to global warming. ...read more.


* They work best at sea so the beaches we have would be taken over. The wind could easily supply us with clean, natural energy but for that to happen we would have to make some sacrifices such as giving up our beaches and losing nice views. 75% of people in the UK are willing to do this so in the future wind power could supply us with a large percentage of our energy. Solar Energy The sun is the main source of all our energy. It continually supplies radiation in the form of waves. The sun is the source of all food energy through photosynthesis. It is the source of the fossil fuels; coal and oil resources which were produced from the burying of matter which once lived. The sun is a very powerful energy source made up of hydrogen gas and converts hydrogen into helium. ...read more.


Solar energy is now used in many ways. Calculators and watches often run off solar cells and bigger cells have been used to provide power for solar powered vehicles. There are advantages for solar energy, it's a renewable energy source so will not run out, its natural therefore cost effective, no problems can occur with transportation / storage because none is required. But there are also disadvantages. Most methods of solar power require a large surface area, causing the price of this energy to higher. The efficiency relates to the sun and it's also a problem during nocturnal down-times; this means cells can only generate during the daytime. Therefore this type of energy is not really efficient in the UK, but we could make use of the sun we do have especially in the summer months. We could have solar panels on water pipes outside our homes to heat water to be stored in a tank for example. ...read more.

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