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Scalars and Vectors

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Nathan Bennett – D6

Paper 1 – Section B: Writing to persuade, argue, advise.

During a recent very cold spell, Age Concern brought to the attention of the public, the fact that many elderly people suffer and die because of the substandard damp and cold conditions in which they live.

Is it up to the government to improve the living conditions of the elderly, or should we be doing it ourselves?

In this essay, I will argue for the proposal that it is the responsibility of the government to improve the living conditions of elderly people and to advise them how they should go about it.

As we all know, this year’s winter has been the coldest winter for 30 years, but imagine the impact of this on our elderly citizens. The London Met Office announced that this winters average temperature was just 1.5°C, that is a chilling temperature which is barely above freezing point.  Over Christmas and at the beginning of this year, the country saw a blanket of snow plunge transport networks into turmoil. Ice shut airport runways, roads were gridlocked and trains broke down.

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        In general, elderly people obviously do not have very much money.  With the price of oil and gas increasing, it is becoming increasingly hard for elderly people to heat their homes, not to mention extremely inconvenient. For elderly people to heat their homes via gas, they would have to make a journey to the nearest pay-point (which is quite unrealistic in the winter months due to freezing cold temperatures and icy conditions, where loads of elderly people fall and dangerously hurt themselves).  Last month, at the height of the cold spell, a few friends and I were out enjoying the snow, throwing snowballs at each other, and having fun. When an elderly person was brought to our attention, walking down some icy steps to reach the shop in my estate, it made all of us feel uncomfortable.  A little woman was struggling to hold onto the freezing cold bar, which led down the length of the steps. It didn’t help that near the bottom there was a partially broken step, fortunately the elderly woman made

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        After considering all of the above points, I really do believe that the government need to step in and do something about this. Elderly people need help from the government to reduce household hazards and icy conditions in their own gardens. Heating the elderly people’s home is something which needs to be considered by the government to make it friendlier for elderly people to keep their homes heated. The government spends thousands of pounds a year on state caring homes; why not use some of the profited money from these on granting some of the elderly people a small sum of cash which could help them to pay for gas and oil prices. I think that with some consideration, many changes could be put into place to help the elderly and improve our country to make it a better place for the men and women who have spent all their lives working for us!

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Fields & Forces section.

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