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Schizophrenia: Is it preventable? How symptoms are derived from underlying defects:

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Schizophrenia: Is it preventable Schizophrenia can be defined as the most severe psychiatric disorder which causes bizarre behavior, withdrawal from the reality, emotional instability and disorganized speech and thinking. Schizophrenia is a widespread issue because it does not only affect the individual itself but rather the family taking care of the person as well. Due to the fact that the person tend to suffer from disordered thoughts with the disease, they become ineffective in communicating with others. Schizophrenia is not dominant in any race or a particular sex in the population. It usually strikes the individual around the ages of fifteen and forty years which has a great impact on youth but never before fifteen or after the age of forty. Symptoms: Just like symptoms in other illnesses, there are also some in schizophrenia. The symptoms can vary among individuals. One of the key factors to recognize the onset of schizophrenia is personality changes. At first, it may be unnoticed but the symptoms may get obvious after a period of time. Delusion may cause a person to believe that they are being controlled by external forces such as aliens, cops etc. Hallucination results in a person seeing, believing, smelling , talking and hearing things that do not really exist to others around them. Strange behavior may develop including laughing without a cause, talking to themselves repetitively. ...read more.


The patterns are irregular and complex. Schizophrenia can be affected by a single gene, few genes up to many genes that can run from different families. All these genes then interact with the environmental factors and may or may not be susceptible on a person depending on the degree of the influence. The purpose of genetic studies of schizophrenia is to be able to determine the underlying molecular / cellular defects of the disease. If a responsible gene is detected then the normal functions of genes in the body can be easily explained. That is the optimistic side of it. However, the genetic studies of schizophrenia show that there are no clear biological markers in individuals. Another factor contributing to schizophrenia is brain abnormalities. Complications during pregnancy may increase the chances of the baby to get schizophrenia. CT scans are used in brain scans to locate brain activities. In order for better understanding of the brain in individuals, two groups are obtained for the experiment, a healthy group and the affected group with schizophrenia. Repeated scanning may sometimes be needed to get reliable data however radiation can be harmful for the long-term effect basis. Thus schizophrenia may require a few more years in order to get an improved understanding of the brain functions of schizophrenic individuals and the disease. ...read more.


The majority of the money is spent on pharmaceutical companies in trying to develop new drugs for the illness and also alter the social interaction, memory network, attention and planning of those patients. In order to not have a relapse of schizophrenia, the patient has to take medication for the rest of their lives. The benefit of taking antipsychotic drugs is that it reduces symptoms by 80 to 90%. After taking medication, social and psychological rehabilitation are necessary to assist those with the disease by letting them do certain tasks to achieve a goal. The patient however must be ready to face the challenger for the reintegration. The rate of recovery can sometimes take weeks or months. Some common goals set for the patient include are they capable of living independently, buying certain things as requested etc. The earlier the reintegration, the better it is for the patient to get back into a normal life-style. Research shows that social and psychological rehabilitation help reduce the relapse rates by about 50% over two years when using medical treatment alongside. Due to the fact that patients with schizophrenia often find themselves in difficult situations obtaining jobs, they usually require some modifications / negotiations about their responsibilities, or working part-time instead of full-time if possible. With proper care of schizophrenic patients, they can be stay away from some of the associated problems such as homelessness, substance abuse, violence, trauma, legal issues, anxiety etc. ...read more.

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