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Science 1 Investigating thedeflection of a cantilever.

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Science 1 Investigating the deflection of a cantilever. Plan In my experiment, I am investigating the deflection of a cantilever. Before we start our experiment, we have to gather the necessary equipment and apparatus together in order to start and complete our experiment. We will need the following:- * 1m ruler (x2). * 2x G- clamps. * One piece of string. * Masking tape and sticky tape. * 2 blocks of wood. * And finally 1k in 100g weights (100x10). Here is a diagram of our experiment. The meaning of deflection is the movement of a structure or a part of a structure when it is bearing a load. Once we have collected all the equipment needed to carry out the experiment, we need to first put it together and set it up. We do this by taking one of the 1m rulers and clamping it onto the end of the desk with a G- clamp. We also put some wood in-between the ruler and G- clamp, the reason for this is because we don't want the ruler and table being indented by the clamp. ...read more.


We then noticed that the ruler kept moving so we took a second G- clamp and clamped the back of the ruler from stopping it from doing this. After we had recorded our results from the first weight, we then added a second 1g weight and did exactly the same thing and recorded our results. We repeated this ten times. After about the third recording that we did I was able to predict what would happen Results Here are all the results that we recorded when measuring the deflection of a cantilever. Force (N) Ruler measurement (cm) Deflection (cm) 1 79.5 0.9 2 78.8 1.6 3 77.9 2.5 4 77.1 3.3 5 76.4 4 6 75.3 5.1 7 74.4 6 8 73.6 6.8 9 72.7 7.7 10 71.9 8.5 Force (N) Ruler measurement (cm) Deflection(cm) 1 79.4 0.8 2 78.6 1.6 3 77.8 2.4 4 76.9 3.3 5 76.6 3.6 6 75.3 4.9 7 74.4 5.8 8 73.6 6.6 9 72.7 7.5 10 71.9 8.3 Force (N) ...read more.


Here are my results to show that. Evaluation In my experiment the improvements that I could have made are as follows:- By starting off I could first of all put the piece of string on the end of the ruler at different points to see how far the ruler goes is down the other ruler with one weight on the end to try to vary our experiment. So that was one way that we could have started our experiment. Once I had done and completed our experiment we drew up a graph of our results, once I had finished plotting the points on the graph I saw that on our line of best fit there were not that many anomalies witch was very good. The reason for this is because it shows that we did our experiment very well and accurately. But I also noticed that we had some anomalies results these are the dots that are not in direct contact with the line of best fit. ...read more.

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