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The affect of fertiliser on algae.

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The affect of fertiliser on algae For this piece of biology coursework, I have been asked to investigate the effect of fertiliser on algae. Prediction In this experiment I am investigating the effect of fertiliser on algae and I think that the more fertiliser in the solution the more algae will have grown, the reason I say this is because the fertiliser will give nutrients to the algal and make it grow faster. Method Firstly I gathered all of my equipment, which I needed for the investigation, and then I decided what concentration of fertiliser I should use. I came up with the following concentrations of fertiliser: - 0%, 20%, 40%, 60 %, 80% and 100% The remaining percentage on some of the above percentages will be made up of water, So that all the solutions have the same amount of liquid in them to ensure a fair test. ...read more.


Work tidily * Be sensible with equipment Fair Test To ensure I fair test I am going to try and make my measurements of the fertiliser as accurate as possible, so I can get as accurate results as possible. When I leave the results for a week I am going to leave them in a safe place, so I do not run the risk of the solutions being tamped with, which would greatly affect my results so that is why it is vital. Equipment list * 6 test tubes * Bottle of fertiliser * Bottle of algae * Test tube rack Results Fertiliser (%) Algal count 0 40 20 60 40 140 60 160 80 180 100 150 Analysis I have produced a graph from the table of results I retained and I have showed that my prediction was correct. ...read more.


Another reason for this is that the tubes might have been put next to a window and the sun could of evaporated some of the solution, and this did not really affect my results but they could of greatly. I could of used a tool, which makes the measurements 100% correct, although I got them as accurate as possible this would have been better because they would enable my results to be more accurate. When I counted the squares full of algae on the counting cell sometimes the cell was not full of a the solution, and it was quite hard to judge the amount of the algae is the solution, so this could have also caused it not to be a fair test. Michael Buckingham ...read more.

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