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The common statement that people put across when debating over the moralities of human cloning is that it is unnatural.

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Human Cloning The common statement that people put across when debating over the moralities of human cloning is that it is unnatural. This statement is certainly untrue as many organisms in nature reproduce using cloning. Snails and bacteria are two of the vast number of organisms that reproduce by cloning. It may be true that in the future, humans will reproduce through cloning! Human cloning is possible by using the following technique: Genes are found in chromosomes which are in the nucleus of cells. These genes are made of protein and the chromosomes are in a long coiled structure. Human sexual reproduction which we know involves a mother and a father. Half of the genes received by the embryo are from the father and the remaining half come from the mother. However, in the cloning process, all of the genes can come from one individual. The nucleus is removed from one female cell and is replaced by another nucleus from another cell from a donor. This nucleus can be from either a male or female source. ...read more.


* It would hurt people who have lost a child or those who are infertile To prohibit the chance of a family who have lost a child and cannot reproduce any longer is surely cruelty. * It would give gays the chance to have biological children Since reproduction is impossible between two members of the same sex, cloning would be the only way to have children biologically related to them. * It is wrong to stand in the way of scientific progress Standing in the way of scientific progress is being a Luddite. Further discoveries may not be found if a stop is put to one part of science. * In case of a global disaster, it would save our species. If a global disaster was to strike, our race may be wiped out. If we could preserve this by allowing cloning, the race could be saved. (BBC. Religion & Ethics. 2002) "If tomorrow someone could prove that you were a clone, would you think your life was worth less, that your loves and experiences were devalued? ...read more.


The grandparents of the clone baby are genetically the parents as their genetic code is identical to the donor - their parent. These kinship problems are confusing and seem very odd indeed. (BBC. Religion & Ethics. 2002) 'At this time, the significant risks to the foetus and physical well being of a child created by somatic cell nuclear transplantation cloning outweigh arguably beneficial uses of the technique.' (National Bioethics Advisory Commission USA) No matter how hard our governments try to ban human cloning, there will always be a market for the trade and a consumer will always be present. 'Can the market develop incentives for such cloning to actually take place?' (Saint-Paul, Gilles - Economic Aspects of Human Cloning and Reprogenetics. Oct 2002) If human cloning was to take place on a large scale, for example economic cloning, huge long-run consequences would be inevitable. The chosen humans to be cloned will be of top ability and high skill therefore supplying the companies with the best employees. Due to this, the lower end of humans i.e. the less efficient ones, will be eventually wiped out from employment and will find it almost impossible to compete against the 'elite'. ...read more.

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