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The effect of stress on beet cell membrane

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The effect if temperature on beet cell membranes. Introduction: All cells have three things they share, a plasma membrane, DNA, and cytoplasm. Phospholipids are the main materials of all cell membranes found usually in the lining of the cell's plasma membrane. This is something of a border patrol of what's allowed in the cell and what goes out of the cell. On a scale of 1-10, 0 being colorless and 10 being a deep red. I hypothesized that tube number six, that experiences a freezing temperature of negative five degrees celsius, will be completely colorless. Tube number five subjected to five degrees celsius will be a two on my scale. Tube number four will be a three in color intensity. Tube number three will register a 5. Tube number two will register an 8. ...read more.


Tube 2 was subjected to 55 degrees for 1 minute and observed for 30 minutes.Tube 3 was subjected to 40 degrees for 1 minute and observed for 30. Tube 4 was subjected to 22 degrees for 1 minutes and observed for 30. Tube 5 was placed in the fridge for 30 minutes at 5 degrees. And tube 6 was placed in the freezer for 30 minutes at -5 degrees. The beets were then classified in order of lightest {1} to deepest in color {10}. Depending on the amount of betacyanin released from the cell membrane into the surrounding water. Results are as follows: Tube number Treatment �C Color Intensity (0 - 10) 1 70 10 2 55 7 3 40 2 4 22 3 5 5 4 6 -5 10 Discussion: Obviously, the beet cell membranes were most affected by the most extreme temperature whether that being hot or cold. ...read more.


The minute the beet was in the 70 degrees celsius water, I noticed the temperature dropped to 65 degrees by the time the beet came out. Everything had moments of imprecision. What I have learned from this applies very much to my personal life as at one time I was a raw food eater. This belief is that subjecting any living thing to temperatures higher than 112 degrees fahrenheit results in a decomposition of the organisms integrity and therefore its nutritional value. After eating like this for a while I began to think it was bogus. How could heat really affect cells that much? After this experiment though I have realized that extreme conditions really do break apart the integrity of a cell, and does severe damage. Whether that be extremely hot or extremely cold conditions. I guess I will have to go back to eating everything lukewarm now.:) ...read more.

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