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The Investigation was about how waves travel.

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Waves coursework

What is the investigation about?

The Investigation was about how waves travel. Water waves travel more slowly in shallow water in deeper water. This is can be shown by placing a flat Perspex or glass plate in a bottom of a ripple tank.

       As the water waves pass into the shallow boundary, the direction of the waves  

What could I change?

We could change the volume of the water, we could change the temperature of the water, we could change the size of the tray, we could have a set time, we could have

What will I change?


If we pushed the tray harder, will it produce more waves?


What equipment will I use?

We used a tray so we can do the experience,, A stopwatch so

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Time (sec)

No of Waves

Pushing distance (cm)

2000 ml




2000 ml




2000 ml




2000 ml




2000 ml




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What our results tell me

The results tell me that the bigger the force the longer the waves will last.  

Was this what I expected to happen,    

Yes, because we all know if we push things harder, or make something quicken up, then the product we are working with will produce more of a frequency. So this works with waves. So what I have said here corresponds to my question,      

How Accurate were we?

We were not 100% accurate. The water kept spilling over the top. So the volume kept dropping. We never really stopped the time when we had to, partly us and the stopwatch fault.                

Could we make the method better?

Yes I think we could have. Even though we made an effort with a preliminary experiment we could have done another one  and has got some results.  

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Waves & Cosmology section.

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