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The Matrix Reloaded: Rewritten.

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The Matrix Reloaded: Rewritten Neo lay awake in his bed, he wondered what this day would bring, he would have to enter the Matrix again, battle yet more agents, and speak to the Oracle again. He hoped the day would bring a new challenge, there's only so many days can be spent in this monotonous way, he craved some excitement. There was a knock at the door. "Are you ready Neo?" said Trinity, "The computers have been fixed and the Matrix is ready for you". "Ok, I'm coming", groaned Neo. He rolled off his bed onto the floor, and slunk unwillingly into the control centre. ...read more.


Then suddenly he was away, travelling through a complex computer system, and once more he found himself in his long leather jacket and mysterious Sunglasses, with a cell phone in his hand, only something wasn't right... He looked around. These weren't the New York streets. They weren't even streets of any description...and the atmosphere had a much stickier moist feel to it. He felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket, he quickly answered it. "Neo," said the startled and guilty voice of Morpheus, " we have a problem. When typing your placement instructions into our new computer software, we made a typo. ...read more.


"No need to worry Neo, no Agents will find you here. The technicians need all the help they can get right now, so I'll ring you when its fixed, and we'll get you back home, ok?" "Ok then". As soon as the cell phone connection was lost, the tour guide appeared, and introduced himself. "Hey Neo, I'm Jeff, shall we get started?" "Sure, where do we start?" "How about right here? We're in the aqueous matrix of a mitochondria. As you can tell, it has a jelly-like consistency and is enclosed by an inner membrane, which is one of two membranes belonging to the mitochondria. The matrix contains enzymes and DNA, this makes it unique within an animal cell, for no other organelle except the Nucleus has DNA of its own. ...read more.

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