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The Pulley System Investigation

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Raja Ali 10B                 Ms. Aleem

The Pulley System Investigation


My aim is to create a pulley system which must consist of one, two or three pulley systems so that the results are recorded.

I will also investigate and find the difference in the value of the force obtained for the three different pulley systems.


I should be able to pick up 500g with one pulley but to make this easier I will use a pulley system, if I use one pulley that the force needed to lift this amount of weight should decrease by 25%. Off course this is my hypothesis


  • Nylon Rope (3 Metres long Rope)
  • Three pulley systems.
  • 500g mass load force meter. (Newton Meter)
  • Clamp, Boss, Retort Stand.
  • Loop and Weights.

Safety Points

The first thing that you must always be concerned about should be the safety of yourself and people around you. Safety should always be looked at seriously as this could alter the results and the test could turn unequal and unfair.

You must always be concerned about Safety as this could always make the test more equal and Fair.

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Adaptations - To help make the experiment more efficient, the stand was were unstable; I got a friend to hold down the experiment whilst i was pulling the Newton meter.

May I also mention that standard procedure may be different to the procedures which conclude in a Science Based Service.

Science Based Services have much more detailed and quality instructions as well as equipment which give much more accurate readings. These accurate data include materials such as a digital Newton Meter which gives you an accurate reading to three decimal places.

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We also required adding more pulleys to get a more accurate result as more pulleys would have given us a more appropriate result.

In the Industry

In a laboratory you would use a pulley system simply to get the over all picture. It would be very small machine and the results taken would not be accurate.

In a real world industry people have to move very large heavy items and materials. In an industry there are special separate companies which have the business of just moving items with huge pulley like machines. They take accurate reading of all there uses and determine through past experience of how much weight will be picked up and take on a job with the appropriate amount of pulleys. They have also got more stable and secure equipment which is checked regularly. The difference is our equipment is low graded and has not been specified for any specific weight criteria like there. We are also taking experiments before any real work can be taken up. But they have already got all the information required and choose there machine depending on the weight intended.

Pulleys are found usually on cranes which help pick loads vertically but they use ropes, wires and chains!

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Mechanics & Radioactivity section.

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