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The way that manufacturing proteins can help human factor VIII and produce insulin and the effect this has on society

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The way that manufacturing proteins can help human factor VIII and produce insulin and the effect this has on society Proteins are manufactured by using the genetic information in the a DNA strand that make a specific protein and putting this piece of information into a bacteria's DNA and put it in a large vat. The bacteria duplicates and a quick speed and with the new bit of genetic information it's got produces the protein you desire for you. Human insulin can be produced by genetic engineering. The gene for insulin production is cut out of human DNA and inserted into a ring of bacterial DNA. ...read more.


This is a break through for diabetics in the way that they can have the own insulin reproduced in the vat of genetically modified bacteria instead of the using the cows. This is saving lives of people in societies all around the world. Human Factor VIII is clotting agent in blood and the lack of this causes Haemophilia A. this is a genetic disease which is carried in women and effects only men, can also be caused by mutation of cells. Haemophilia A is where the blood doesn't clot and therefore a cut will keep bleeding longer that normal, it doesn't bleed stronger or faster just longer. ...read more.


coli for the host. These methods are used to replicate the factor VIII in the plasma of the blood to help hemophiliac's stop major bleeding or internal bleeding as the person would not be able to do it themselves naturally because of the condition. These processes help society by helping prevent people from sever illness and temporally stopping the person's disease such as diabetes or hemophilia from causing them harm. And letting them have as much of a normal life as possible. With this technology advancing every day there might be cure produced for diabetes and hemophilia and many more using these methods which are cheap and produce mass amounts of the product. It is safer than using someone else's genes or blood as this could spread more diseases. ...read more.

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